The Diary of Charles Holme's 1889 Visit to Japan and North America with Mrs Lasenby Liberty's Japan: A Photographic Record

Charles Holme’s detailed record of his travels through Japan, including the homeward journey via the west coast of the US and Canada, is published here for the first time, together with all fifty plates from the original limited edition of his companion Emma Liberty’s Japan, A Pictorial Record, with commentaries. Both diary and photographs provide scholars and researchers with a rare archive. A key figure in Europe’s art world in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and founder of The Studio art magazine, Charles Holme was a significant disseminator of Japanese art and art goods in theWest and was a founding member of the Japan Society in London. Famously, he visited Japan in 1889 in the company of the painter Alfred East and Arthur Lasenby Liberty and his wife Emma, who was the ‘official’ photographer of the trip (taking more than a thousand photographs).
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Biographical Note

Toni Huberman is the great granddaughter of Charles Holme. She has written and lectured on Holme in the UK and Japan and her research has so far taken her to Japan, the USA, China and the Himalaya.
Sonia Ashmore is currently a Research Fellow at the Victoria & Albert Museum, investigating its nineteenth-century South Asian textile collections. Her research into material and cultural exchange between Europe and Asia includes a study of Liberty & Co.
Yasuko Suga is a design historian teaching at Tsuda College, Japan. She has written books on British design history in Japanese. Her articles have appeared in academic journals such as Journal of Design History, William Morris Studies and Design Issues.

Table of contents

Foreword; List of General Plates; List of Charles Holme's Diary Illustrations; List of Emma lasenby Liberty's Plates; Acknowledgements; Introduction; Map of Japan; The Diary of Charles Holme's 1889 Visit to Japan and North America; Notes to Diary; Japan: A Pictorial Record; Bibliography; Index


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