Geschichte des arabischen Schrifttums, Band III: Medizin-Pharmazie, Zoologie-Tierheilkunde. Bis ca. 430 H



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Review Quotes

' ...Sezgin has brought together an immense amount of manuscript material: never before have the medicine and the natural sciences of Islam been presented in such an abundantly documented form... the great value of these two new volumes of the History of Arabic Writings lies in the wealth of their material.' Manfred Ullmann, Mundus, 1971. ' The enormous enlargement of our knowledge of material which Sezgin has achieved in his long labours in the public and private libraries of the East and of North Africa deserves the fullest praise. Modern studies are also reviewed with astonishing completeness.' Martin Plessner, AMBIX, 1972. ' ...monumental work...stupendous undertaking...' Franz Rosenthal, Journal of the American Oriental Society, 1973.

Table of contents

Vorwort I. Medizin und Pharmazie 1. Einführung 2. Quellen 3. Arabische Ärzte und Pharmakologen (bis ca. 430 Hiǧra) II. Zoologie – Tierheilkunde 1. Einführung 2. Quellen 3. Arabische Zoologen und Tierärzte (bis ca. 430 Hiǧra) Literaturverzeichnis, Bibliotheken und Sammlungen arabischer Handschriften Nachträge Indices Berichtigungen