Wisdoms of Humanity

Buddhism, Paganism, and Christianity


Wisdoms have often been considered either as meek servants to religions, or as timorous and mediocre ways of living.
Resting on a new and long awaited comparative study (of buddhism, yoga, christian spirituality and ancient philosophies), this book restores these wisdoms into their fascinating and vigorous personality. Because they reject the marvelous, display resolute ethics and highly efficient mental techniques, they deserve to be considered one of the major conquests of humanity. Thanks to them, and to the lucid look they incited men to cast upon themselves, the latter discovered the means to strenghten their personality and stand up to the ordeals of this life. It may lie within this brave acceptance of their condition the highest proof of humanity one might imagine.
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Biographical Note

Daniel Dubuisson is docteur ès lettres (1983) and Director of research (CNRS, Paris). He has published The Western Construction of Religion: Myths, Knowledge, and Ideology, Baltimore, The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2003; Twentieth Century Mythologies, Equinox Publishing Ltd, London, 2006.


All those interested in the history of religions, the history of Western philosophy, the history of Christian spirituality, oriental and buddhist studies, comparative anthropology, psychology and psychotherapy.


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