Theorizing Animals

Re-thinking Humanimal Relations


Editors: Nik Taylor and Tania Signal
Utilising ideas from post-modernism and post-humanism this book challenges current ways of thinking about animals and their relationships with humans. Including contributions from across the social sciences the book encourages readers to reflect upon taken for granted ways of conceptualising human relaitonships with animals. It will be of interest to those in the broad field of human-animal studies as well as those within most social science and humanities disciplines including sociology, anthropology, philosophy and social theory.
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Biographical Note

Nik Taylor, Ph.D. (2000) in Sociology, Manchester Metropolitan University, is a Senior Lecturer at Flinders University, Australia. She has published considerably in the areas of the sociology of human-animal relations. Tania Signal, D.Phil (2002) in Psychology, University of Waikato (NZ), is a Senior Lecturer at Central Queensland University. She has published widely around the psychological and social aspects of Human-Animal relations.

Table of contents

Preface: In Hope of Change: Rethinking Human-Animal Relations? Lynda Birke Introduction Nik Taylor PART ONE KNOTTY PROBLEMS: TO THEORISE OR NOT? 1. Mapping Human Animal Relations Peter Beatson 2. Theorizing ‘Others’ Lisa Kemmerer PART TWO ANIMALS AND MODERNITY 3. The Underdog in History: Serfdom, Slavery and Species in the Creation and Development of Capitalism Mary Murray 4. Dangerous Dogs and The Construction of Risk Claire Molloy 5. Ritual, Reason and Animals Gavin Kendall PART THREE ANIMAL PERFORMERS 6. The Representation of Animal Actors: Theorizing Performance and Performativity in the Animal Kingdom Gregory S. Szarycz 7. The Gaze of Animals Philip Armstrong PART FOUR FORWARD THINKING 8. Can Sociology Contribute to the Emancipation of Animals? Nik Taylor 9. Theorising Rider-Horse Relations: An Ethnographic Illustration of the Centaur Metaphor in the Spanish Bullfight Kirrilly Thompson 10. Ciliated Sense Eva Hayward Concluding Remarks: From Theory to Action: An Ethologist’s Perspective Jonathan Balcombe


All those interested in the implications of current ways of thinking and theorising about Human-Animal relations, as well as social theorists, sociologists and philosophers.