Language at Large

Essays on Syntax and Semantics


The volume brings together important essays on syntax and semantics by Aikhenvald and Dixon, highlighting their expertise in various fields of linguistics. The first part focusses on linguistic typology, covering case markers used on verbs, argument-determined constructions, unusual meanings of causatives, the semantic basis for a typology, word-class-changing derivations, speech reports and semi-direct speech. The second part concentrates on documentation and analysis of previously undescribed languages, from South America and Indigenous Australia. The third part addresses a variety of issues in grammar and lexicography of English. This includes pronouns with transferred reference, comparative constructions, features of the noun phrase, and the discussion of 'twice'. The treatment of Australian Aboriginal words in dictionaries is discussed in the final chapter.

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Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald, Ph.D. (1984) in Linguistics, Academy of Science of the USSR, Doctor of Letters (2006), La Trobe University, Australia, is Professor and Research Leader (People and Societies of the Tropics) at the Cairns Institute, James Cook University, Australia. She has published extensively on Amazonian languages, languages of New Guinea, linguistic typology, and language contact. Her other publications include Evidentiality (2004), and Imperatives and Commands (2010) (OUP).

R. M. W. Dixon, PhD (1968) in Linguistics, University of London, Doctor of Letters (1991), The Australian National University, is Adjunct Professor at the Cairns Institute, James Cook University, Australia. He has published extensively on Australian Aboriginal languages, on Jarawara (from southern Amazonia), Fijian, the grammar and lexicography of English, linguistic typology and basic linguistic theory. His recent publications include volumes 1-3 of Basic Linguistic Theory (2010-2011) (OUP)
Those interested in linguistic typology, general syntax, morphology, semantics, languages of the Pacific, Australian Aboriginal languages and languages of Amazonia, the grammar and lexicography of English and in linguistic anthropology.