Portuguese Enterprise in the East

Survival in the Years 1707-1757


Since 2000, there have been fewer studies released about the ‘formal aspects’ of the operation of colonial powers, such as Portugal, in the East during the Early Modern period. Prior, the fall of Communism, in the last decade of the twentieth century, gave a boost to liberal ideology, while research into topics related to autocracy or state apparatus have become unfashionable. The Portuguese role in the East is usually overlooked, being less high-profile than that of the Dutch or British. Drawing on unpublished materials from the Overseas Historical Archive, and other libraries in Portugal, this book considers Portuguese leadership and organization at home, where it pertained to the governance of the eastern colonies; as well as the formal and ‘soft’ instruments of state applied on the ground in these colonies in first half of the eighteenth century.
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Biographical Note

Teddy Sim Y.H., Ph.D in History, University of Wollongong, is a Lecturer at the Institute of Education in Nanyang Technological University. His research interest is in the area of the Portuguese colonial presence in the Indian Ocean and the Far East in the eighteenth century on which he has written a few articles.

Review Quotes

"A welcome addition to the existing literature on the history of the Portuguese expansion in the East."
- Stephen Jeyaseela (Visva-Bharati University, India), in Journal of the Institute for Research in Social Sciences and Humanities, Vol. 7 Nos.1-2 Jan-Dec 2012, pp. 221-23

Table of contents

General Editor’s Preface
List of Maps
List of Tables
List of Abbreviations

1. The Subject Field
2. The Portuguese Empire on the Eve of the eighteenth Century
Restoration and the Empire After
Constraints of Distance and Technology
Input of and Linkages to Brazil
3. Leadership from Lisbon to Goa
Royal Court of João V
Early Baroque Administration: Tracking the Overseas Council
Viceregal Institution
4. Diplomacy and War
Mixed Outcomes of Diplomacy
Alternative Instrument of War
Theatres beyond the Indian Sub-Continent
5. Commercial Challenges for the Eastern Empire
Trade Activities of the Estado and Conflicts
Act of Balanced Budgeting
Calculus of Mozambique in the Economic Revival
6. Imperial Power through Culture and Religion
“Civilizing Mission” via Language and Customs
Proselytising Enterprises through State-Sponsored Missionaries
Challenges at the Imperial Periphery of Timor
7. Chapter Seven Beginning of a Reversal?
Sowing the Seeds of the Impending ‘New Conquests’
Efforts in Commercial Revival
João V’s Demise and the Ascension of José I
8. Conclusions

List of Governors and Viceroys 1668-1757


All those interested in the history of Portugal and the Portuguese empire in the East, focusing on the survival and development of the Portuguese East in the eighteenth century. This book is aimed specifically at specialists in Portuguese colonial history.


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