The Progression of International Law

Four Decades of the Israel Yearbook on Human Rights – An Anniversary Volume

Editors: Yoram Dinstein and Fania Domb
This volume was produced to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the Israel Yearbook on Human Rights. Forty years have yielded an impressive forty annual volumes. When it was started in 1971, the Yearbook was the first of its kind anywhere in the world. It has always understood its mandate as transcending the narrow borders of the discipline of either national or international human rights. From the outset, international humanitarian law and
international criminal law were understood as coming within the proper framework of the Yearbook, as were on occasion articles on diverse freedoms that may seem out of bounds to a strict interpreter of the phrase “human rights”.

The present volume brings to the fore only one dimension of the Yearbook, namely essays. Twenty-five of them are collected here: twelve originally appeared in the first twenty issues of the Yearbook, and thirteen in the last twenty volumes, offering a fair cross-section of the literally hundreds of articles in the Yearbook over time, produced by authors from all over the world. Those chosen for inclusion in this Anniversary volume were felt to most impressively tap the rich lode of legal research; present insightful theses for intellectual discourse and argument; and enhance the readers’ knowledge and understanding.

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Preface Yoram Dinstein;
I. Human Rights Issues
Human Rights
On the Meaning of Human Dignity Volume 13 (1983) Haim Cohn;
The Right of Return in International Law, with Special Reference to the Palestinian Refugees Volume 16 (1986) Ruth Lapidoth ;
The Definition of Minorities in International Law Volume 20 (1990) Malcolm Shaw;
International Protection of Minorities: A Global View Volume 1 (1971) Jacob Robinson;
From Protection of Minorities to Group Rights Volume 18 (1988) Natan Lerner;
Jewish Questions
The Jewish Question at the Congress of Aix-la-Chapelle, 1818 Volume 2 (1972) Nathan Feinberg;
World War II: Jews as Prisoners of War Volume 10 (1980) Joseph Lador-Lederer;
How to Save Democracy from Itself? Volume 26 (1996) Jochen A. Frowein;
Democracy, Rule of Law and Admission to the Council of Europe Volume 26 (1996) Theodor Meron & Jeremy S. Sloan;
II. The Law of Armed Conflict
International Humanitarian Law – General Protocol I Additional to the Geneva Conventions and Customary International Law Volume 31 (2001) Fausto Pocar;
The Relationship between the Human Rights Regime and the Law of Armed Conflict Volume 1 (1971) G.I.A.D. Draper;
The Red Cross, Red Crescent, Red Lion and Sun and the Red Shield of David Volume 5 (1975) Shabtai Rosenne;
International Humanitarian Law and the Disintegration of States Volume 30 (2000) Dino Kritsiotis;
International Humanitarian Law – Specific
Protection of Cultural Property in Armed Conflict Volume 32 (2002) Rüdiger Wolfrum;
Human Shields in International Humanitarian Law Volume 38 (2008) Michael N. Schmitt;
The International Law of Mine Warfare at Sea Volume 23 (1993) Wolff Heintschel von Heinegg;
Occupation: Belligerent and Non-Belligerent
Gaza, Iraq, Lebanon: Three Occupations under International Law Volume 37 (2007) Nicholas Rostow;
The Observance of International Law in the Administered Territories Volume 1 (1971) Meir Shamgar;
Non-Belligerent Occupation Volume 28 (1998) Michael J. Kelly;
III. International Criminal Law
Defining International Terrorism: A Way Out of the Quagmire Volume 19 (1999) John Murphy;
The Laws of War in the War on Terror Volume 32 (2002) Adam Roberts;
Jus ad Bellum and International Terrorism Volume 32 (2002) Rein Müllerson;
Rescue at Entebbe – Legal Aspects Volume 6 (1976) Leslie C. Green;
War Crimes
The International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg Volume 37 (2007) Yoram Dinstein;
Treatment of War Crimes in Peace Settlements – Prosecution or Amnesty? Volume 24 (1994) Fania Domb.