Implementing International Economic Law

Through Dispute Settlement Mechanisms


Volume Editor: Yusuf Aksar
International economic law is very likely to be one of the most significant areas of law throughout the twenty-first century. As is well-known, it is an inter-disciplinary area of law covering very broad and different fields since it deals with all economic aspects of relations among the subjects of international law. In today’s world, the relations among States, international organisations and individuals have dramatically intensified. It is a sine qua non requirement that the conflicts or cases deriving from the application of the principles of international economic law must be solved by the dispute settlement mechanisms of international law, which are crucial both for the protection of international peace and security on the one hand and for the implementation of international economic law on the other. The book focuses on the relationship between the rules of public international law and international economic law from the point of view of dispute settlement mechanisms. It consists of the following Chapters: International Economic Law; New Challenges and Issues in International Finance Law; Dispute Settlement in International Trade Law and Dispute Settlement in International Investment Law. Finally, the book draws some general conclusions and provides certain suggestions for future research and practice in the field.

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Yusuf Aksar, LLB (Ankara), LLM (Ankara), LLM (Sheffield), PhD (Bristol), is Professor of International Law at Maltepe University Law Faculty, Istanbul, Turkey. He has published extensively on the practice of international judicial institutions, including Implementing International Humanitarian Law From the Ad Hoc Tribunals to a Permanent International Criminal Court (Routledge, 2004) and Evrensel Yargı Kuruluşları (Universal Judicial Institutions) (Seckin, 2007).

Ilias Bantekas LLB (Athens), LLM (Liverpool), Ph.D. (Liverpool), Dip. Theology (Cambridge), is Professor of International Law at Brunel University School of Law. His publications include: Principles of Individual Criminal Responsibility in International Humanitarian Law (Manchester UP, 2002); International Criminal Law (Hart, 4th edition, 2010); Trust Funds in International Law: Trustee Obligations of the United Nations and the World Bank (Asser/Cambridge UP, 2009).

Yusuf Caliskan, LLB (Ankara), LLM (USA), JSD (USA), is Associate Professor of International Law at Kocaeli University School of Law. He has written articles and books on private international law, international investment law and arbitration.

Pınar Karacan Baklaci, LLB (Izmir), LLM (USA), SJD (USA), is Assistant Professor of International Law at Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir-Turkey. Her recent publications include subject areas such as: “Most Favored Nation Treatment in International Investment Law”, “Energy Charter Treaty and Dispute Settlement” and "Bilateral Investment Treaties".
All those practitioners, academics and postgraduate law/economics/business students working in the fields of public international law, private international law, international trade law, international finance law and international investment law.