New Essays on Ancient Pyrrhonism


Scholarship on ancient Pyrrhonism has made tremendous advances over the past three decades, thanks especially to the careful reexamination of Sextus Empiricus’ extant corpus. Building on this momentum, the authors of the eight essays collected here examine some of the most vexed and intriguing exegetical and philosophical questions posed by Sextus’ presentation of this form of skepticism. The essays explore in a new light the skeptical interpretation of Plato, the differences between Pyrrhonism and Cyrenaicism, the Pyrrhonist’s stance on ordinary life, religion, language, and ethics, Sextus’ discussion of our access to our own mental states, and the relationship between Pyrrhonism and epistemic internalism and externalism. These new essays represent a substantial contribution to the advancement of scholarship on Pyrrhonian skepticism.
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Biographical Note

Diego E. Machuca, Ph.D (2006) in Philosophy, Universidad de Buenos Aires, is Assistant Researcher in Philosophy at the Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (Argentina). He is also Editor-in-Chief (with Duncan Pritchard) of the International Journal for the Study of Skepticism. He has published on ancient skepticism, ethical skepticism, and Descartes.

Contributors: Mauro Bonazzi, Otávio Bueno, Filip Grgić, Diego Machuca, Stéphane Marchand, Timothy O'Keefe, Harald Thorsrud, and James Warren.

Review Quotes

"[...] Machuca has put together an excellent collection of papers that will not only prove indispensable for scholars working on Pyrrhonism and ancient skepticism, but also serve as a source of insight and information for scholars working in ancient philosophy quite generally, as well as epistemology, ethics, philosophy of religion, and philosophy of mind." Clifford Roberts in BMCR 19.9.2012

" Ce recueil d'un grand intérêt tant historique que philosophique aborde des sujets nouveaux dans le champ des études sceptiques ou des thèmes classiques d'une manière fortement renouvelée." Brigitte Pérez in Revue philosophique de Louvain 1/2013

Table of contents

1. Introduction Diego E. Machuca
2. A Pyrrhonian Plato? Again on Sextus on Aenesidemus on Plato
Mauro Bonazzi
4. The Cyrenaics versus the Pyrrhonists on Knowledge of Appearances
Tim O’Keefe
5. What God Didn’t Know (Sextus Empiricus AM IX 162–6)
James Warren
6. Skepticism and Everyday Life
Filip Grgić
7. Sextus Empiricus on Skeptical Piety
Harald Thorsrud
8. Sextus Empiricus’ Style of Writing
Stéphane Marchand
9. Moderate Ethical Realism in Sextus’ Against the Ethicists?
Diego E. Machuca
10. Is the Pyrrhonist an Internalist?
Otávio Bueno


All those interested in ancient philosophy, epistemology, ethics, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of religion.


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