European and Chinese Sociologies

A New Dialogue


Sociology is subject to a process of internationalisation. The rapid development of China has provided the ‘China experience’ and shown the emergence of a new sociology. In this book a dialogue between European and Chinese sociologists is opening up new horizons for Western thought in a context of economic and cultural globalisation. The objective is to embark on a process of epistemological reconfiguration, deconstructing reality on the basis of dividing up the world. This book deals with some fundamental sociological issues: modernities and globalisation, class and society, state and democracy, economic change and inequalities in Europe and in China. In the wake of the de-colonial critique of post-colonial studies, the aim of this book is to examine the question of the de-westernisation of knowledge in sociology.

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Biographical Note
Laurence Roulleau-Berger, Ph.D. (1982) and Habilitation (2001) in Sociology, University of Lyon, is Research Director at CNRS, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon. She has published and edited many articles and books on urban and economic sociology, in the field of international migrations and recently about Chinese sociology, including Dewesternisation of Sociology: Europe in the Mirror of China (L'Aube, 2011).

Li Peilin, Ph.D. (1987), University of Paris I (Pantheon-Sorbonne), is Professor and Director of the Institute of Sociology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He also serves as the President of the Chinese Sociological Association and is Chief-editor of Sociological Studies (China). He has published and edited many articles and books in the field of social development, migration and social policy, including China's New Stage of Development (China: An International Journal, 2011).
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European and Chinese Sociologies: A New Dialogue, Laurence Roulleau-Berger
Chinese Sociology in Global Perspective, Li Peilin


1. Modernity and Modernization, Alain Touraine
2. The Economical Status and Social Attitudes of Migrant Workers in China, Li Peilin and Li Wei
3. The crisis of ‘Organised Modernity, Robert Castel
4. Transition Sociology Trends and New Prospects, Sun Liping
5. Multiple Modernities, Inequalities and Intermediate Spaces, Laurence Roulleau-Berger
6. Neither Global or National: Novel Assemblages of Territory, Authority and Rights, Saskia Sassen


7. Social Mobility and Social Class in China: A Comparative Study of Intragenerational Mobility Models Before and After the Economic Reforms, Li Chunling
8. The Rise of the ‘Middle Classes’ Ascension or the Moyennisation of the Society in Contemporary France: A Difficult Debate, Catherine Bidou-Zachariasen
9. Individualism, Autonomy, Social Institution: How to Surmount the Dichotomy of the Individual and Society, Alain Ehrenberg
10. Social Existence of Chinese Middle Class in Contemporary China: Class Cognition and political consciousness, Li Lulu
11. Guanxilization and Categorization : Theoretical Considerations Based on Two Case Studies, Yang Yiyin


12. Conflict, Trust and Democracy in Eastern Europe, Anna Krasteva
13. Civil Society in Community Gouvernance: The Experience from China, Li Youmei
14. Testing Recognition: New Injunctions and Disjunctions of Democracy in Western Europe, Jean-Paul Payet
15. A New Economy of Legality and the Process of Legitimization in Contemporary Societies, Jacques Commaille
16. Folk Society and Ritual State, GuoYuhua
17. Dual integration of Social Order: Analysis of a Case of Property Right Dispute, Zhang Jing
18. Ethics, Legitimicy and Vulnerability in Europe, Patrick Pharo
19. Housing Transforms China: The Homeowners’ Rights Campaign in B City, Shen Yuan


20. Employment Regulation in the Wake of Globalisation, Michel Lallement
21. Is There a Future for Industrial Democracy?, Catherine Paradeise
22. Industrial Relations and Inequalities in Western Europe: Questions for the Evolution of Chinese Labour Markets, David Marsden
23. Three Types of Discrimination against Migrant Workers in the Labor Market and Logical Consequences, Liu Shiding
24. Dualism and Diversity: A Comparative Analysis of Unemployment in Italy, Enzo Mingione and Jonathan Pratschke
25. Three Decades of Chinese Women: State, Family, Women. Comments on the Last Two Decades of Women or Gender Related Sociological Studies, Tong Xin

Conclusion, Michel Wieviorka

All those interested in modernities and globalization, class and society, state and democracy, economic change and inequalities in Europe and in China.
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