Stateless Citizenship

The Palestinian-Arab Citizens of Israel


Far from integration into the Israeli incorporation regime, Palestinians inside the state are today placed in a paradoxical situation where, as Arab citizens of a Jewish state, they are both inside and outside, host and guest, citizen and stateless. Through the paradigm of stateless citizenship, Shourideh C. Molavi examines the dynamics of exclusion of Palestinian citizens and analytically frames the mechanisms through which their statelessness is maintained. With this she centres our analytical gaze on the paradox that it is through the actual provision of Israeli citizenship that Palestinians are deemed stateless. Molavi critically engages with the liberal variant of Zionist thought, and deconstructs discourse around minority rights and liberal citizenship in the context of Israel's racialized ideological and political makeup.
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List of Figures

1. Liberal Citizenship: Ambiguities and Inconsistencies
Framing citizenship
Theorizing citizenship
Citizenship beyond the state
Problematizing legal categorizations
Racial state, racialized citizenship

2. The Israeli Incorporation Regime
Colonizing the land of milk and honey
A multifaceted discrimination
Legislative level
Formal and declarative levels
Structural and institutional levels
Mass protests of October 2000
Acre Riots of 2008
The 2008-2009 War on Gaza
Criminalizing Arab Political Participation and Discourse
Targeting Arab MKs: From Bishara to Zoabi
Arab civil society: A non-state alternative
Response to the rise of Arab civil society: The case of Ameer Makhoul
Operative and budgetary level
Israeli apartheid: Beyond South Africa

3. Israeli Hostipitality
From hospitality to Derridean ‘hostipitality’
Oscillating between host and guest
Israeli ‘hostipitality’

4. Liberal Pretence of a Jewish State
The UN Partition Plan of 1947
The principle of ‘two states for two peoples’
Israel as a ‘state for all of its citizens’
Rashid Bey: The de-Palestinianized Arab
Zionist democracy in a comparative context
Israeli demographobia
Liberal rubber stamp for Israeli crimes

5. From Citizenship to Stateless Citizenship
‘Israeli’ and ‘Palestinian’ as incomplete identities
Defining the ‘Israeli’ nation
Research on Palestinians in Israel: An Overview
Formulating Palestinian citizenship – Stateless citizenship

6. The Anatomy of Stateless Citizenship
Knowing the terrain: From the exception to the example
An exclusive inclusion
A perpetual state of emergency
Coexistence without existence


Appendix I: Selections from The Democratic Constitution by Adalah: Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel (20 March 2007)
Appendix II: Selections from The Haifa Declaration by Mada al-Carmel: The Arab Center for Applied Social Research (15 May 2007)

For all interested in the Israel-Palestine conflict and anyone concerned with deconstructing the Israeli incorporation regime and liberal-Zionist frameworks for the multifaceted exclusion of Palestinian-Arab citizens.
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