A Wider Trecento

Studies in 13th- and 14th-Century European Art Presented to Julian Gardner


Julian Gardner’s preeminent role in British studies of the art of the 13th and 14th centuries, particularly the interaction of papal and theological issues with its production and on either side of the Alps, is celebrated in these studies by his pupils. They discuss Roman works: a Colonna badge in S. Prassede and a remarkably uniform Trinity fresco fragment, as well as monochrome dado painting up to Giotto, Duccio's representations of proskynesis, a Parisian reliquary in Assisi, Riminese painting for the Franciscans, the tomb of a theologian in Vercelli, Bartolomeo and Jacopino da Reggio, the Room of Love at Sabbionara, the cult of Urban V in Bologna after 1376, Altichiero and the cult of St James in Padua, the orb of the Wilton Diptych, and Julian Gardner’s career itself.
The contributors to the volume are Serena Romano, Jill Bain, Claudia Bolgia, Louise Bourdua, Joanna Cannon, Roberto Cobianchi, Anne Dunlop, Jill Farquhar, Robert Gibbs, Virginia Glenn, Dillian Gordon, John Osborne and Martina Schilling.
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Biographical Note

Louise Bourdua, PhD (1992), is Reader in History of Art at the University of Warwick. She has published widely on mendicant art and patronage including The Franciscans and Art Patronage in Late Medieval Italy (Cambridge, 2004), and 14th-century Padua.
Robert Gibbs, BA (1968), FSA, is Professor of Pre-humanist Art History at Glasgow University. He has published on legal illumination, Tomaso da Modena, Lippo di Dalmasio and many aspects of 13th- and 14th-century Bolognese art.

Table of contents

List of Contributors ... vii
List of Plates, Figures and Illustrations ... ix

Julian Gardner ... xiv
Serena Romano

Bibliography of Julian Gardner’s Published Works ... xxiii
Joanne Anderson

Introduction ... 1
Louise Bourdua and Robert Gibbs
1.Signifying Absence: Experiencing Monochrome Imagery in Medieval Painting ... 5
Jill Bain
2.A Possible Colonna Family Stemma in the Church of Santa Prassede, Rome ... 21
John Osborne
3.Small Worlds: The Orbs in the Westminster Retable and the Wilton Diptych ... 31
Dillian Gordon
4.Duccio and Devotion to the Virgin’s Foot in Early Sienese Painting ... 39
Joanna Cannon
5.A Royal Gift from Paris to Assisi: The Evolution of Design and Iconography circa 1300 ... 62
Virginia Glenn
6.The Original Setting and Historical Context of the Fourteenth-Century ‘Anthropomorphic Trinity’ of the Museo di Roma at Palazzo Braschi ... 83
Claudia Bolgia
7.Patronising Poverty: Devotional Imagery and the Franciscan Spirituals in Romagna and the Marche ... 99
Jill Farquhar
8.Celebrating the Scholar and Teacher: The Tomb of Thomas Gallus at Sant’Andrea in Vercelli (Mid 14th Century) ... 117
Martina Schilling
9.Bartolomeo and Jacopino da Reggio’s Brera Triptych: A Possible Source for Its Provenance ... 144
Roberto Cobianchi
10.The Look of Love ... 154
Anne Dunlop
11.Bologna and the Popes: Simone dei Crocefissi’s Portraits of Urban V ... 166
Robert Gibbs
12.Some Pilgrimage Sources for Altichiero ... 190
Louise Bourdua

Index ... 201


Students and scholars interested in medieval and particularly Italian history and art history, especially those concerned with the interaction between the South and North of Europe.


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