Philippe de Mézières and His Age

Piety and Politics in the Fourteenth Century


Philippe de Mézières (1327-1405) was the quintessential man of all seasons of the fourteenth-century Mediterranean. A scholar, a soldier, a mystic, a man of affairs, a royal adviser and an incessant traveler around the Mediterranean, a prolific writer and an associate of religious orders, a champion of the crusade and no less an ardent advocate of peace in the West, a Frenchman, a Cypriot, and a Venetian citizen, he captures the spirit of his age like no other man. This volume, the first to address Philippe and his legacy comprehensively since 1896, gathers twenty-two contributions of original research shedding new light on Philippe’s literary, political, and mystical writings, and places him in the context of his age and his contemporaries.
Contributors are Michel Balard, Adrian Bell, Joël Blanchard, Kevin Brownlee, Evelien Chayes, Philippe Contamine, Anne Curry, Daisy Delogu, Peter Edbury, John France, Catherine Gaullier-Bougassas, Henri Gourinard, Michael Hanly, David Jacoby, Sharon Kinoshita, Anna Loba, Angel Nicolaou-Konnari, Sylvain Piron, Andrea Tarnowski, Stefan Vander Elst, Lori Walters, and David Wrisley.

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Biographical Note

Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski, Ph.D. (1980) in French Literature, Princeton, is Professor at the University of Pittsburgh. Among her books are Reading Myth: Classical Mythology and its Interpretations in Medieval French Literature (1997) and Poets, Saints, and Visionaries of the Great Schism, 1378-1417 (2006).
Kiril Petkov, Ph.D.(2002) in Medieval History, NYU, is Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. He is the author of Infidels, Turks, and Women: The South Slavs in the German Mind (1997); The Kiss of Peace: Ritual, Self, and Society in the High and Late Medieval West (2003), and The Voices of Medieval Bulgaria, Seventh-Fifteenth Century: The Records of a Bygone Culture (2008).

Table of contents

Acknowledgements ... ix

Introduction ... 1
Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski and Kiril Petkov

Entre Occident et Orient. Philippe de Mezieres (vers 1327–1405) : itineraires maritimes et spirituels ... 19
Philippe Contamine
“Noi siamo mercatanti cipriani” : How to Do Things in the Medieval Mediterranean ... 41
Sharon Kinoshita
Philippe de Mezieres and the Peace Movement ... 61
Michael Hanly
Trois lettres pour la posterite : la correspondance entre Philippe de Mezieres, Boniface Lupi et Francois Petrarque (ms. Arsenal 499) ... 83
Evelien Chayes
The Vieil Solitaire and the Seulette: Contemplative Solitude as Political Theology in Philippe de Mezieres, Christine de Pizan, and Jean Gerson ... 119
Lori J. Walters

How to Become the “roy des frans” : The Performance of Kingship in Philippe de Mezieres’s Le songe du vieil pelerin ... 147
Daisy Delogu
The Figure of Peter I and the Status of Cyprus in Le songe du vieil pelerin: Crusade Ideology, Salvation History, and Authorial Self-Representation ... 165
Kevin Brownlee
Literature and Chivalric Education in Philippe de Mézières’Le songe du vieil pelerin ... 189
Stefan Vander Elst
Une exemplarité déconstruite : la polémique sur Alexandre et le procès de la littérature de fiction dans Le songe du vieil pelerin ... 207
Catherine Gaullier-Bougassas
A Religion in Its Time: Numerology and Moral Alchemy in Philippe de Mézières’ Work ... 225
Joël Blanchard
The Consolations of Writing Allegory : Philippe de Mézières’Le songe du vieil pelerin ... 237
Andrea Tarnowski
Contempler le miroir de la passion : Philippe de Mézières et les mystiques ... 255
Anna Loba

Philippe de Mézières et les républiques maritimes italiennes ... 271
Michel Balard
Philippe de Mézières and the Military History of the Fourteenth Century ... 283
John France
War or Peace? Philippe de Mézières, Richard II and Anglo-French Diplomacy ... 295
Anne Curry
English Members of the Order of the Passion: Their Political, Diplomatic and Military Significance ... 321
Adrian Bell

Machaut, Mezieres, Makhairas and Amadi: Constructing the Reign of Peter I (1359–1369) ... 349
Peter Edbury
Apologists or Critics? The Reign of Peter I of Lusignan (1359–1369) Viewed by Philippe de Mezieres (1327–1405) and Leontios Makhairas (ca. 1360/80–after 1432) ... 359
Angel Nicolaou-Konnari
Western Merchants, Pilgrims, and Travelers in Alexandria in the Time of Philippe de Mezieres (ca. 1327–1405) ... 403
David Jacoby
“Alexandrie, ville sous haute surveillance.” Voyage et espionnage aux XIV–XVe siecles, d’apres les recits de voyageurs et de pelerins occidentaux ... 427
Henri Gourinard
Historical Narration and Digression in al-Nuwairī al-Iskandarānī’s Kitāb al-Ilmām ... 451
David Joseph Wrisley

Philippe de Mezieres et l’universite ... 477
Sylvain Piron

Appendix: Brief Overview of the Great Schism of the Western Church (1378–1417) ... 485

Contributors ... 489
Bibliography ... 497
Index ... 525


All those interested in the fourteenth century, and Mediterranean and Western European literature, war, religion, and politics in the period.

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