Ritual and Metaphor

Sacrifice in the Bible


The sanctuary and rituals that formed the heart of ancient Judaism ceased to exist a long time ago, yet their images and concepts, especially that of “sacrifice,” have remained essential to the rhetoric of politics, religion, and secular culture. Pervasive sacrificial metaphors range from religious foundations for human ethics to attempts to glorify victims of military operations or natural disasters to much-debated ideas of vicarious atonement within Christianity. The essays in this volume deal with central aspects of sacrificial rituals and processes of metaphor development and spiritualization in Judaism and Christianity. The contributors include Christian A. Eberhart, Göran Eidevall, Stephen Finlan, George P. Heyman, Dominika Kurek-Chomycz, Jeffrey S. Siker, Jason Tatlock, Timothy Wardle, and James W. Watts.
Biographical Note
Christian A. Eberhart is Professor of New Testament Studies at Lutheran Theological Seminary Saskatoon and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Religion and Culture at the University of Saskatchewan. He is the author of Studien zur Bedeutung der Opfer im Alten Testament: Die Signifikanz von Blut- und Verbrennungsriten im kultischen Rahmen (Neukirchener) and The Sacrifice of Jesus: Understanding Atonement Biblically (Fortress). Eberhart is chair of the “Sacrifice, Cult, and Atonement” Annual Conference Program Unit of the Society of Biblical Literature.
Table of contents
List of Abbreviations Preface Introduction: Sacrifice in the Bible Christian A. Eberhart Part 1: Sacrifice in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament 1. The Rhetoric of Sacrifice James W. Watts 2. Sacrifice? Holy Smokes! Reflections on Cult Terminology for Understanding Sacrifi ce in the Hebrew Bible Christian A. Eberhart 3. The Place of Human Sacrifice in the Israelite Cult Jason Tatlock 4. The Role of Sacrificial Language in Prophetic Rhetoric Göran Eidevall Part 2: Sacrifice in Early Christian Literature 5. Yom Kippuring Passover: Recombinant Sacrifi ce in Early Christianity Jeffrey S. Siker 6. Spiritualization of Sacrifice in Paul and Hebrews Stephen Finlan 7. Who Is Sacrificing? Assessing the Early Christian Reticence to Transfer the Idea of the Priesthood to the Community Timothy Wardle 8. Spreading the Sweet Scent of the Gospel as the Cult of the Wise: On the Backdrop of the Olfactory Metaphor in 2 Corinthians 2:14–16 Dominika A. Kurek-ChomyczM 9. Sacrifice, Social Discourse, and Power George Heyman Conclusion Christian A. Eberhart List of Contributors Index of Ancient Sources Subject Index
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