The Jewish Pope

Ideology and Politics in the Papal Schism of 1130


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Review Quotes
' ...[Mary Stroll] has written another book of which historians of the twelfth-century papacy must take account.'
H.E.J. Cowdrey, English Historical Review, 1994.
' ...[the author] makes excellent use both of modern scholarship and of primary written and iconographical evidence. Her argument progresses carefully, thoroughly, and clearly.'
John C. Moore, Speculum, 1990.
Table of contents
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I. The Historiographical Background
II. Calixtus II and the Pierleoni
III. Pontius and Anaclet
IV. Tensians Within Cluny and the Papal Schism
V. The Dispute at Cluny Reinterpreted
VI. Montecassino
VII. The Popes, the Normans, and the Emperor
VIII. Legality as a Factor in Determining the Outcome of the Election
Part 1: The Election
IX. Legality as Factor in Determining the Outcome of the Election
Part 2: The Battle of the Word
X. Cardinales Novitii
XI. Haimeric, Diego of Compostella and the New Reform
XII. Innocent II
XIII. The Anacletians
XIV. Petrus Pierleoni’s Record Reconsidered
XV. The Anatomy of the Schism: The Jewish Element
XVI. The Propagandists

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