Reduplication in Indigenous Languages of South America


The morphological process of reduplication occurs in languages throughout the world. Reduplication in indigenous languages of South America is the first volume to focus on reduplication in South America. The indigenous languages of South America remain under-documented and little accessible to theoretical linguistics. Most regions and language families of the continent are represented in articles based on recent fieldwork by the authors. Included are data concerning a diverse set of reduplication phenomena from the Andes, Amazonia, and other regions of the continent. A wide range of language families and isolates are discussed, such as Tupian, Quechuan, Mapuche, Tacanan, Arawakan, Barbacoan, and Macro-Jê. Several languages present unusual properties, some of which violate presumed universals, such as no partial without full reduplication.

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Biographical Note
Gale Goodwin Gómez, Ph.D. (1990) Columbia University, is Professor of Anthropology at Rhode Island College, Providence. Her publications include co-authored books: URIHI A: A terra-floresta Yanomami (2009), Yanomami: A Forest People (1999), and Saúde Yanomami: Um manual etnolingüístico (1997).

Hein van der Voort, Ph.D. (2000), Universiteit Leiden, is associate researcher at the Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi, Belém, Brazil. He has published books and articles on Amazonian, Arctic, Romani, Pidgin and Creole langauges, including A grammar of Kwaza (2004).

Contributors are Aline da Cruz, Antonio Díaz-Fernández, Wolf Dietrich, Sebastian Drude, Patience Epps, Simeon Floyd, Gale Goodwin Gómez, Antoine Guillaume, Raquel Guirardello, Katja Hannss, Katharina Haude, Pieter Muysken, Françoise Rose, Andrés Pablo Salanova, Luciana Storto, Hein van der Voort and Fernando Zuñiga.
Table of contents
1 Reduplication in South America: An introduction
Gale Goodwin Gómez and Hein van der Voort

2 Reduplication in Mapuzungun: Form and function
Fernando Zúñiga and Antonio Edmundo Díaz-Fernández

3 Reduplication in Andean languages
Katja Hannß and Pieter Muysken

4 Four types of reduplication in the Cha’palaa language of Ecuador
Simeon Floyd

5 Reduplication in Nheengatu
Aline da Cruz

6 Reduplication in Hup (northwest Amazonia)
Patience Epps

7 Reduplication in the Yanomae language of northern Brazil
Gale Goodwin Gómez

8 Reduplication as a tool for morphological and phonological analysis in Awetí
Sebastian Drude

9 Reduplication and ideophones in Trumai
Raquel Guirardello-Damian

10 Reduplication and verbal number in Mẽbengokre
Andrés Pablo Salanova

11 Forms and functions of reduplication in Tupian languages
Wolf Dietrich

12 The interaction of reduplication with word classes and transitivity in Cavineña
Antoine Guillaume

13 Reduplication in Movima: A prosodic morphology approach
Katharina Haude

14 When vowel deletion blurs reduplication in Mojeño Trinitario
Françoise Rose

15 Reduplication in Karitiana (Tupi)
Luciana R. Storto

16 Is reduplication an areal feature of the Guaporé-Mamoré region?
Hein van der Voort
All interested in South American indigenous languages, morphological processes (especially reduplication and repetition), and in theoretical, historical-comparative, and descriptive linguistics.
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