Ingham of Arabia

A Collection of Articles Presented as a Tribute to the Career of Bruce Ingham


Ingham of Arabia is a collection of twelve articles on modern Arabic dialectology contributed by an international collection of colleagues and pupils of Professor Ingham of the London School of Oriental and African Languages on the occasion of his retirement. Half the articles are concerned with Arabic dialects from the areas Prof Ingham spent his academic life researching, principally Arabia and the neighbouring areas: Oman, Jordan, Sinai, the Negev, southern Turkey, Syria. Other articles are concerned with general topics in Arabic dialectology. The book contains a complete bibliography of Professor Ingham's publications.
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Biographical Note

Clive Holes, PhD (Cambridge 1981), has been Professor for the Study of the Contemporary Arab World at the University of Oxford since 1997. He has published widely on the Arabic language and its dialects, and on Arabic popular culture.

Rudolf de Jong, PhD (Amsterdam 1999), is co-General Editor of the Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics and Director of the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo. He has published extensively on the Bedouin Dialects of Sinai, as well as on other Arabic dialects.

Contributors include Jerome Lentin, Stephan Prochazka, Otto Jastrow, Manfred Woidich, Peter Behnstedt, Roni Henkin, Bruno Herin, Enam al-Wer, Janet Watson, Domenyk Eades, Jonathan Owens and Kirsty Rowan.

Review Quotes

"This volume represents continuing contributions from the authors to their oeuvres and to the work of the general enterprise of a fully formed Arabic dialectology. It is a welcome addition to a growing body of increasingly useable Arabic dialect data and should further augment theorizing about them." – David Wilmsen, American University of Beirut, on Linguist List


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