Education in Early 2nd Millennium BC Babylonia

The Sumerian Epistolary Miscellany


This book examines a collection of twenty-two literary letters and related compositions – the Sumerian Epistolary Miscellany (SEpM) – studied as part of the Old Babylonian Sumerian scribal curriculum, in an attempt to better understand the education system at this time. The author includes discussion of the nature of the letters as scribal inventions, the pedagogical function of literary letters and compilation tablets, as well as the creation, implementation and consistency of the advanced Sumerian scribal curriculum. The volume also contains critical editions of SEpM as well as ancillary Sumerian letters studied in the Nippur schools, the majority of which were previously unpublished.
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Biographical Note

Alexandra Kleinerman, Ph.D. (2009) in Assyriology, the Johns Hopkins University, is the Rosen Foundation Faculty Associate, Jonathan and Jeannette Rosen Ancient Near Eastern Seminar, Cornell University. Her work includes publications in both Sumerian literature and socio-economic history.

Table of contents

Chapter I. Introduction
Chapter II. Content
Chapter III. Compilation
Chapter IV. Curriculum
Chapter V. Correspondence
Chapter VI. Editions
Appendix 1: Textual Matrices


All those interested in Mesopotamian history, the history of pedagogy, intellectual history, the Sumerian and Akkadian languages, and the epistolary genre.


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