A Grammar of Muylaq' Aymara

Aymara as Spoken in Southern Peru


In A Grammar of Muylaq’ Aymara, Matt Coler provides a detailed description of a highly-endangered variety of Aymara spoken in the remote Andean village of Muylaque (Muylaq’i), in Southern Peru. This heretofore undescribed variety has many unique characteristics that shed light on the impressive extent of variation in Aymara.

Using natural language data gathered during several field trips to Muylaque, Coler offers a detailed analysis of the phonetics, phonology, morphology and syntax of Aymara. Additionally, A Grammar of Muylaq’ Aymara includes complete interlinear glosses for several personal narratives.

A Grammar of Muylaq’ Aymara represents an important contribution not only to the study of Aymara, Aymara variation, and Andean languages, but also to research into linguistic typology and language contact.

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Matt Coler, Ph.D. (2010), VU University Amsterdam, is Head of the Cognitive Systems team at INCAS³ (Assen, the Netherlands). Inspired by the intricate relationship between language, meaning and the world, his research is dedicated to developing technologies that are augmented with models of cognitive processing.


Graduate and undergraduate researchers working on linguistic typology, language descriptions, Andean languages, minority languages, and Aymaran. Also: specialists in language contact and change, language variation, and dialectology.

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