The Jewish Revolt against Rome

Interdisciplinary Perspectives


Editor: Mladen Popović
The Jewish revolt against Rome in the first century C.E. provides ancient historians the opportunity to study one of the best-documented provincial revolts in the early Roman Empire. This volume brings together different disciplines, some for the first time. The contributors draw from a wide range of literary, archaeological, documentary, epigraphic and numismatic sources. The focus is on historiographical and methodological reflections on our sources, their nature and the sort of historical questions they allow us to answer. This volume combines fields of research that should not be pursued in isolation from each other if we wish to further our understanding of the Jewish revolt’s historical context.
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Biographical Note

Mladen Popović, Ph.D. (2006) in Theology and Religious Studies, University of Groningen, is Assistant Professor of Old Testament and Early Judaism and Director of the Qumran Institute at the University of Groningen. He is editor of the Journal for the Study of Judaism and of the journal Dead Sea Discoveries. He is the author of Reading the Human Body (Brill, 2007) and the editor of Authoritative Scriptures in Ancient Judaism (Brill, 2010).

Table of contents

Mladen Popović, The Jewish Revolt against Rome: History, Sources and Perspectives Greg Woolf, Provincial Revolts in the Early Roman Empire Werner Eck, Die römischen Repräsentanten in Judaea: Provokateure oder Vertreter der römischen Macht? Andrea M. Berlin, Identity Politics in Early Roman Galilee Brian Schultz, Not Greeks but Romans: Changing Expectations for the Eschatological War in the War Texts from Qumran James S. McLaren, Going to War against Rome: The Motivation of the Jewish Rebels Steve Mason, What is History? Using Josephus for the Judaean-Roman War Jan Willem van Henten, Rebellion under Herod the Great and Archelaus: Prominent Motifs and Narrative Function Julia Wilker, Josephus, the Herodians and the Jewish War Daniel R. Schwartz, Josephus on Albinus: The Eve of Catastrophe in Changing Retrospect Pieter W. van der Horst, Philosophia epeisaktos: Some Notes on Josephus, A.J. 18.9 Uriel Rappaport, Who Were the Sicarii? Jodi Magness, A Reconsideration of Josephus’ Testimony about Masada Robert Deutsch, Coinage of the First Jewish Revolt against Rome: Iconography, Minting Authority, Metallurgy Donald T. Ariel, Identifying the Mints, Minters and Meanings of the First Jewish Revolt Coins Jonathan J. Price, The Jewish Population of Jerusalem from the First Century B.C.E. to the Early Second Century C.E.: The Epigraphic Record George H. van Kooten, The Jewish War and the Roman Civil War of 68–69 C.E.: Jewish, Pagan, and Christian Perspectives


All those interested in provincial revolts in the Roman Empire and the Jewish revolt especially, Flavius Josephus, revolt coins, Qumran and the New Testament, as well as ancient historians, archaeologists, numismatists and epigraphers