Tensions within and between Religions and Human Rights


This volume contains theoretical and empirical articles on tensions within and between religion and human rights. There are conflicts in the past histories of Christianity and Islam in regard to human rights, but also in contemporary history. There are also tensions in the sphere of human rights, like the relation between natural law and human rights, morality and law, liberty and equality, civil rights and socio-economic rights, and more specific ones, like the rights of humans and citizens, religious freedom and the separation of church and state, religious freedom and freedom of speech, and the state and religion on social welfare provisions. The volume aims at theoretical clarification and empirical exploration on data from 14 countries.

Contributors include: Jean-Pierre Wils, Piet Hein van Kempen, Mathias Rohe, Johannes (Hans) van der Ven, Anders Sjöborg, Raymond J. Webb, Jack Curran, Marion Reindl, Leo W.J.M. van der Tuin, Clement D. Fumbo, and Hans-Georg Ziebertz.
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Biographical Note

Johannes A. (Hans) van der Ven, PhD Nijmegen 1973, Honorary Doctor Lund 1998, is research associate for religion and human rights in the department of political philosophy at Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands. He publishes extensively on religion and human rights in a theoretical and empirical perspective including Human Rights or Religious Rules? Brill, Leiden 2010.

Hans-Georg Ziebertz, PhD theol. 1990 Nijmegen, PhD rer.soc Tübingen 1993, is chair of Practical Theology /Religious Education at the University of Würzburg, Germany. Recent publications: Youth in Europe, Münster, volume 1, 2 & 3, LIT, Münster 2009: Gender in Islam und Christentum, Münster, LIT 2010; Menschenrechte, Christentum und Islam, LIT, Münster 2010.

Table of contents


1. Universality of human rights and the need for parsimony
Jean-Pierre Wils

2. Freedom of Religion and Criminal Law: A Legal Appraisal. From the Principle of Separation of Church and State to the Principle of Pluralist Democracy?
Piet Hein van Kempen

3. On the Foundations of Human rights. Religious and Secular Approaches in the West and in Islam
Mathias Rohe

4. Religious liberty in political perspective
Johannes A. van der Ven

5. The Impact of Religion on Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech among Young Swedes
Anders Sjöborg

6. Human Rights among Muslims and Christians in Palestine and Germany
Raymond J. Webb, Hans-Georg Ziebertz, Jack Curran, and Marion Reindl

7. Women Rights and Religion among Christian and Islamic Students in Tanzania
Leo W.J.M. van der Tuin & Clement D. Fumbo

8. Religious Socialisation and Values as Predictors of Human Rights Attitudes. An empirical study among Christian and Muslim adolescents in Germany
Hans-Georg Ziebertz & Marion Reindl


All those interested in religion, especially Christianity and Islam, in human rights, and their interrelations, as well as historians, political scientists, sociologists, philosophers and ethicists.


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