Commentaire sur les Catégories

Traduction commentée sous la direction de Ilsetraut Hadot. Fascicule I: Introduction, Première partie (p. 1-9, 3 Kalbfleisch)


The French translation with commentary, the first in a modern language, allows historians of philosophy access to a fundamental work for the understanding of medieval and modern thought. They could also explore more easily the great variety of information contained in the commentary of Simplicius on the history of the exegis of the Catégories of Aristotle, and more generally on the history of comparative philosophy of Simplicius. They will discover some important aspects in the actual thought of Simplicius, which so far has hardly been explored.

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Biographical Note
Ilsetraut Hadot studied classical philosophy at the Freie Universität in West Berlin and received her Ph.D. in 1966. Since 1983 she has directed research on the works and thoughts of Simplicius. Her publications to date are: Seneca und die griechisch-römische Tradition der Seelenleitung, (Berlin-New York 1969), Le problème du néoplatonisme alexandrin: Hiéroclès et Simplicius, (Paris 1978) and Arts libéraux et philosophie.
Review Quotes
' This ambitious project is off to an impressive start...lucidly analysed...we can be grateful for a lot of unexpected material...'
A.C. Lloyd, The Classical Review, 1991.
' ...all three volumes significantly advance our understanding both of Aristotle's commentators and, through them, of Aristotle himself.'
R.W. Sharples, Journal of Hellenic Studies, 1993.
specialists and scholars of classical philology and philosophy, of medieval philosophy and of neoplatonic studies.|Publié avec le concours du Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
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