Catalogue of Turkish Manuscripts in the Library of Leiden University and Other Collections in the Netherlands

Minor Collections


From as early as the 1600s, Dutch scholars and scholarship have displayed a keen interest in the studies of the Islamic world. Over the centuries, they have collected a wealth of source texts in various languages, Turkish texts being prominent among them.
The present catalogue is the fourth and final volume in a series that covers the Turkish manuscripts preserved in public libraries and museums in the Netherlands. The volume gives a detailed description of Turkish manuscripts in minor Dutch collections, found in libraries and museums in Amsterdam, Groningen, The Hague, Leiden, Rotterdam and Utrecht, which hitherto have received little or no attention.
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Biographical Note

Jan Schmidt is lecturer in Ottoman Studies at Leiden University. He has published widely on various aspects of Ottoman history and literature and is the author of A Catalogue of the Turkish Manuscripts in the John Rylands University Library at Manchester published by Brill (2011).

Review Quotes

'The book is of great value for the research in the Ottoman literature and history due to the large number of manuscripts described with unique accuracy in it. It offers all the necessary information regarding an enormous corpus of manuscripts kept in The Netherlands, and thus, it is an indispensable guide to all interested in the Ottoman letters and history.'

Demetrios Papastamatiou, in Journal of Oriental and African Studies, Volume 22, 2013


All those interested in (oriental) manuscripts and the history and culture of the Turks and the Ottoman Empire, but in particular scholars using Turkish manuscripts as sources for their research.

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