A Companion to Ramon Llull and Llullism


A Companion to Ramon Llull and Lullism offers a comprehensive survey of the work of the Majorcan lay theologian and philosopher Ramon Llull (1232-1316) and of its influence in late medieval, Renaissance, and early modern Europe, as well as in the Spanish colonies of the New World. Llull’s unique system of philosophy and theology, the “Great Universal Art,” was widely studied and admired from the fifteenth through the eighteenth centuries. His evangelizing ideals and methods inspired centuries of Christian missionaries. His many writings in Catalan, his native vernacular, remain major monuments in the literary history of Catalonia. Contributors are: Roberta Albrecht, José Aragüés Aldaz, Linda Báez Rubí, Josep Batalla, Pamela Beattie, Henry Berlin, John Dagenais, Mary Franklin-Brown, Alexander Ibarz, Annemarie C. Mayer, Rafael Ramis Barceló, Josep E. Rubio, and Gregory B. Stone.


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Biographical Note

Amy M. Austin, Ph.D. (2004), Emory University, is an Assistant Professor of Instruction at the University of Texas at Arlington. Her research focuses on medieval reading practices. She has published articles on Ramon Llull and Spanish Golden Age theater. Mark D. Johnston, Ph.D. (1978), The Johns Hopkins University, is Professor of Spanish at DePaul University. His many publications on Ramon Llull include The Spiritual Logic of Ramon Llull (Oxford, 1987) and The Evangelical Rhetoric of Ramon Llull (Oxford, 1996).

Table of contents

Preface vii
Acknowledgements xiv
List of Illustrations xv
Abbreviations xvi
Figures from Llull’s Great Art xviii

Part 1: Llull as Philosopher and Theologian

1 Ramon Llull, CA. 1232–1316
Mark D. Johnston

2 Ramon Llull and His Contemporaries
Henry Berlin

3 Llull as Lay Philosopher and Theologian
Josep Batalla

4 Llull’s “Great Universal Art”
Josep E. Rubio

Part 2: Llull as Evangelist

5 Ramon Llull and Islam
Gregory Stone

6 Llull and Inter-Faith Dialogue
Annemarie Mayer

7 Ramon Llull’s Crusade Treatises
Pamela Beattie

Part 3: Llull as Vernacular Writer

8 Ephemeral Stories: Llull and Medieval Exemplary Literature
José Aragüés Aldaz

9 Narrative Structure and Cultural Significance in the Novels of Ramon Llull
Alexander W. Ibarz

10 Ramon Llull as Encyclopedist
Mary Franklin-Brown

Part 4: Renaissance and Modern Lullism

11 Lullism among French and Spanish Humanists of the Early 16th Century
Linda Báez Rubí

12 Academic Lullism from the Fourteenth to the Eighteenth Century
Rafael Ramis Barceló

13 Llull in Seventeenth-Century England
Roberta Albrecht

Part 5: Lullist Missions to the New World

14 A Lullist in the New World: Bernat Boïl
John Dagenais

15 Lullism in New Spain
Linda Báez Rubí

16 A Lullist in the New World: Junípero Serra
John Dagenais


For specialist and non-specialist readers seeking to understand Llull’s unusual career and works, as well as guidance in assessing the vast academic and popular literature about Llull through the eighteenth century. For all interested in Catalan, Catalonia, literature, history, philosophy, theology, interfaith, Great Art, Islam, crusades, encyclopedias, humanism, Renaissance, Middle Ages, the New World, and Cusanus.