The Japanese Translations of the Hebrew Bible

History, Inventory and Analysis


The Japanese Translations of the Hebrew Bible: History, Inventory and Analysis, the first book of its kind in English, recounts the story of the translation of the Bible into Japanese, with particular focus on the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament). It includes a detailed inventory of both full and partial OT translations into Japanese, describing the history of their making and the identity of the translators. Numerous quotations from the various translations are compared with the Hebrew original and with other versions, and analyzed linguistically and theologically. The analysis exposes the ways in which translators sought to bridge the wide linguistic and cultural gaps between the Hebrew Bible and Japan, and the ways in which their translations reflect certain aspects of Japanese society and the place of the Bible in it.
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Biographical Note

Doron B. Cohen, Th.D. (2011) from Doshisha University, Kyoto, where he is currently a lecturer in the history of Japanese Christianity. He has published many articles on religion and literature, and translated Japanese novels and poetry into Hebrew.


All those interested in translation generally and Bible translation specifically, in Japanese history, linguistics and culture, and in the history of Christian mission and the indigenization of Christianity in Japan.


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