Friendship, Flattery, and Frankness of Speech

Studies on Friendship in the New Testament World


Editor: John Fitzgerald
This volume deals with the topics of friendship, flattery, and frankness of speech in the Greco-Roman world. The three topics were often related, with candor or frank criticism viewed as the trait that distinguished the true friend from the flatterer.
The book's eleven essays are divided into three parts. The first part introduces the volume and discusses the three topics in the thought of Philodemus and Plutarch. Part two deals with Paul's use of friendship language in his correspondence with the Church at Philippi. Part three examines the concept of frankness (parrhesia) in Paul, Luke-Acts, Hebrews, and the Johannine corpus.
The volume will be particularly useful to NT Scholars, classicists, and modern theologians and ethicists who are interested in the theory and practice of friendship in antiquity.
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Biographical Note

John T. Fitzgerald, Ph.D. (1984) in New Testament, Yale University, is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Miami. The author of Cracks in an Earthen Vessel (1988) and co-author of The Tabula of Cebes (1983), he is Chair of the SBL's Hellenistic Moral Philosophy and Early Christianity Group.

Review Quotes

' scholar interested in the letter to the Philippians dare overlook this book.'
Edgar Krentz, Theology and Mission.
' These essays will interest not only Ntscholars, but also those in patristics, philology, philosophy, theology, and ethics…This is an excellent introduction to important ancient documents, the secondary literature that has developed, and interpretive method. Most of the essays are groundbreaking and incisive.'
Thomas H. Olbricht, Religious Studies Review, 2000.


NT and patristic scholars, classicists, specialists in ancient philosophy, social historians, and modern theologians and ethicists who are interested in the theory and practice of friendship.

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