Kabuki at the Crossroads

Years of Crisis, 1952-1965

Samuel L. Leiter's Kabuki at the Crossroads: Years of Crisis, 1952-1965 is the first detailed account of Japan's kabuki theatre in the years immediately following the end of the Occupation. It examines every aspect of this traditional theatre as it struggled to maintain its position in a rapidly changing postwar entertainment environment. It covers acting rivalries, major productions, theatres, international tours, the convention of men playing female roles, name-taking and memorial ceremonies, the company system and managerial strategies. In addition, the volume includes numerous appendixes chronicling the period, including a thorough chronology and 150 summaries of new plays never previously discussed in English.

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Biographical Note
Samuel L. Leiter, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center, CUNY, has published 25 books on subjects ranging from New York theatre to kabuki. Most recent is his Rising from the Flames: The Rebirth of Theatre in Occupied Japan: 1945-1952 (2009).
Anyone interested in the history, practices, and personalities of postwar Japanese theatre.
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