Two Shipwrecked Gospels

The Logoi of Jesus and Papias’s Exposition of Logia about the Lord


“Dennis MacDonald is one of the most creative and intellectually innovative New Testament scholars of his generation. In this bold new book, MacDonald dares to re-imagine the textual landscape of early Gospel traditions. Attention is focused on reconstructing two lost Gospel texts, the Logoi of Jesus (the so-called Q source) and Papias’ The Exposition of Logia about the Lord. MacDonald develops a new paradigm for reconstructing Q, and in the process generates a text nearly twice as long as traditional reconstructions. This he calls Q+. In relation to Papias’ Exposition, MacDonald argues that work was a commentary on three gospel texts – Matthew, Mark and the Logoi of Jesus. Here MacDonald seeks to re-assemble the surviving fragments of Papias’ work in their original order and he speculates concerning the material that would have filled the gaps between these fragments. MacDonald’s work is brave, challenging, and stimulating. If his ideas prove correct the implication for New Testament scholarship and current understandings of the transmission of the Jesus tradition would be truly revolutionary.”—Paul Foster, School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh.

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Biographical Note
Dennis R. MacDonald is John Wesley Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins, Claremont School of Theology. He is the author or editor of a number of works, including The Intertextuality of the Epistles: Explorations of Theory and Practice (Sheffield Phoenix), Acts of Andrew (Polebridge), and Does the New Testament Imitate Homer? Four Cases from the Acts of the Apostles (Yale University Press).
Table of contents
Preface Acknowledgments Abbreviations The Q+/Papias Hypothesis Part 1: Papias’s Exposition of Logia about the Lord Introduction to Part 1: Salvaging a Textual Shipwreck 1. Textual Reconstruction 2. Papias and Luke-Acts 3. Luke’s Knowledge of Papias’s Exposition and the Synoptic Problem Part 2: The Logoi of Jesus Introduction to Part 2: Salvaging another Textual Shipwreck 4. Matthew’s Non-Markan Source (Q without Luke) 5. The Logoi of Jesus (Q+) and Its Antetexts 6. The Logoi of Jesus as Literature 7. The Logoi of Jesus as Papias’s Second “Translation” of Matthew 8. The Logoi of Jesus as a Source for the Gospel of Mark 9. The Logoi of Jesus as a Witness to the Historical Jesus 10. Why the Logoi of Jesus and Papias’s Exposition Shipwrecked Appendix 1: Text and Translation of the Logoi of Jesus Appendix 2: Concordance to the Logoi of Jesus Appendix 3: Overview of the Logoi of Jesus and the Synoptic Gospels Appendix 4: Comparison of the Critical Edition of Q and the Logoi of Jesus Appendix 5: Exposition of Logia about the Lord: Text and Translation Bibliography Index 1: Jewish Antetexts in the Logoi of Jesus Index 2: Modern Authors Index 3: Subjects
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