Eliezer Schweid: The Responsibility of Jewish Philosophy


This volume features Eliezer Schweid’s philosophy of Judaism for a secular age. The volume brings together four of Schweid’s most original and influential philosophical essays and an interview with him that together express his fundamental outlook: the faith of a secular Jew, freely choosing loyalty to his or her national culture and drawing on Jewish heritage to inform how to act responsibly toward one’s neighbor, one’s people, the world, and God. The themes span the gamut of Schweid’s life work: the existential loneliness of the modern Jew; Judaism as a culture; faith in light of the Holocaust; and appreciation for secular humanism with awareness of its shortcomings, given the enduring legacy of the Jewish biblical heritage.

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Table of contents
The Contributors
Editors' Introduction to Series
Eliezer Schweid: An Intellectual Portrait Leonard Levin
Judaism as a Culture Eliezer Schweid
Faith Confronting the Experiences of Our Age Eliezer Schweid
Humanism, Globalization, Postmodernism, and the Jewish People Eliezer Schweid
The Drama of Secular History: The Return to Nature and Exit from the Other Side Eliezer Schweid
Interview with Eliezer Schweid Hava Tirosh-Samuelson and Leonard Levin
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