Hague Yearbook of International Law / Annuaire de La Haye de Droit International, Vol. 24 (2011)


The title of the Hague Yearbook of International Law reflects the close ties which have always existed between the AAA and the City of The Hague with its international law institutions, and indicates the Yearbook’s aim of devoting attention to developments taking place in the international law institutions based in The Hague. However, the Yearbook has a broader scope as well: to offer a platform for review of new developments in the field of international law. As of the 2010 Volume, the Yearbook will be compiled by a new and expanded Editorial Board, offering fresh ideas and a new approach. A newly established Advisory Board has also been added, including ICJ Judge Bruno Simma, Serge Brammertz, Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), Jacomijn J. van Haersolte-van Hof, advocate (advocaat) at HaersolteHof and arbitrator (The Netherlands) and Professor Peter Hilpold, Innsbruck University (Austria). Sections have been created on public international law, private international law, international investment law and international criminal law, containing in-depth articles on current issues. The breadth of the Yearbook’s content thus offers an interesting and valuable illustration of the dynamic developments in the various sub-areas of international law.
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Editorial Board

The Editorial Board of the Hague Yearbook of International Law 2011:
Editor-in-Chief | Mr. Dr. Nikos Lavranos, LL.M.
Vice-Editor-in-Chief | Ms. Dr. Ruth A. Kok, LL.M.
Editorial Board Member | Ms. Dr. Hege Elisabeth Kjos, J.D.
Editorial Board Member | Ms. Frederike E.M. Stikkelbroeck, LL.M.
Editorial Board Member | Mr. Dr. Jure Vidmar, LL.M.
Editorial Associate | Ms. M. Lamour, LL.M.
Editorial Assistant | Ms. R. Browning, LL.B.

Table of contents

Note du Secrétaire général de l’AAA | Association of Attendees and Alumni of the Hague Academy of International Law – Secretary General’s Note
Special Focus: Private International Law
1 The Hague Conference on Private International Law: Asser’s Vision and an Evolving Mission Hans van Loon;
2 Rediscovering the Public Dimension of Private International Law Alex Mills;
3 Managing Legal Diversity – New Challenges for Private International Law Aukje A.H. van Hoek;
4 Looking Forward in the Spirit of Asser: Identifying Developments in the Global Society that Need to Be Addressed in International Law Hans Corell;
5 Hague Conference on Private International Law – Work in 2011 Micah R. Thorner and Abigail Ludwig;
6 Enforceability of International Choice of Court Agreements: Impact of the Hague Convention on the US and EU Legal System Nino Sievi;
Public International Law
7 International Law as a Legal Basis for Unilateral Humanitarian Intervention Dovile Morkyte;
8 The Use of Force in International Law and the UN Security Council Resolutions 1970 & 1973 on Libya Charles Riziki Majinge;
9 Self-defence and the International Court of Justice: A Review of Recent ICJ Case Law and Opinions Concerning Article 51 of the UN Charter Elizabeth Campbell;
10 Terrorism and the Non-State Actor in the 2011 Interlocutory Decision of the Appeals Chamber of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon Noemi Gal-Or;
11 Think Globally, Act Locally: Al-Jedda’s Oscillation between the Coherence of International Law and Autonomy of the European Legal Order Kushtrim Istrefi and Zane Ratniece;
12 L’Organisation internationale du Travail et le travail des enfants: a propos de la Convention n°182 sur les pires formes de travail des enfants Mamoud Zani;
International Investment Law and Arbitration
13 Member States’ Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs): Lost in Transition? Nikos Lavranos;
14 Umbrella Clauses and Their Policy Implications Taida Begić Šarkinović;
15 Treaty Shopping Through Corporate Restructuring of Investments: Legitimate Corporate Planning or Abuse of Rights? Yael Ribco Borman;
16 Review of a Foreign Arbitral Award by National Courts: A Comparative Study in Common Law and Civil Law Countries Ihab Amro;
17 The Coherence of International Law: An Illustration by International Investment Law Yannick Radi;
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