Studies on Early Modern Aristotelianism


In Studies on Early Modern Aristotelianism Paul Richard Blum shows that Aristotle’s thought remained the touchstone of modern philosophy; for it was the philosophy taught at universities. The concept of philosophy at Jesuit schools forms the first part of this book. Their impact on the sciences and mathematics in combination with Renaissance ideas of nature is the topic of the second part. The transformation of Aristotelian metaphysics and theology under the influence of the Renaissance is the third area of this book. Surprising continuity from the late Middle Ages into modernity and the radical difference of subject centered modern philosophy from ‘teachable’ school philosophy are innovative in these studies.
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Biographical Note

Paul Richard Blum is T.J. Higgins, S.J., Chair in Philosophy at Loyola University Maryland, Baltimore. He published monographs and text editions on Renaissance philosophy, including Philosophy of Relgion in the Renaissance (Ashgate, 2010) and Philosophers of the Renaissance (CUAP 2010).

Table of contents

List of Illustrations Preface PHILOSOPHY AT EARLY MODERN SCHOOLS 1. Philosophers’ Philosophy and School Philosophy 2. Apostolato dei Collegi: On the Integration of Humanism in the Educational Program of the Jesuits 3. Philosophy at Early Modern Universities 4. Péter Pázmány: The Cardinal’s philosophy 5. Philosophy in Hungarian: Pál Bertalanffi SJ, Bernard Sartori OFM, and the scholastic philosophy of the eighteenth century SCIENCE FROM THE RENAISSANCE THROUGH THE ENLIGHTENMENT 6. Jesuits between Religion and Science 7. Principles and Powers: How to Interpret Renaissance Philosophy of Nature Philosophically? 8. The Jesuits and the Janus-faced History of Natural Sciences 9. Benedictus Pererius: Renaissance Culture at the Origins of Jesuit Science 10. “Ubi natura facit circulos in essendo, nos facimus in cognoscendo.” The Demonstrative Regressus and the Beginning of Modern Science in Catholic Scholastics 11. Aristotelianism More Geometrico: Honoré Fabri METAPHYSICS AND THEOLOGY 12. Rodrigo de Arriaga on Immortality as a Response to Platonism 13. Bartolomeo Mastri: From Metaphysics to Natural Theology 14. Natural Theology and Philosophy of Religion in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth centuries: Théophile Raynaud, Luis de Molina, Joseph Falck, Sigismund von Storchenau 15. God and Individuals: The Porphyrian Tree in Seventeenth/Eighteenth-Century Philosophy APPENDIX 1. Siger and Saint Thomas in the Paradiso 2. Cultivating Talents and Social Responsibility: Aims and Means of Early Jesuit Education References Index


Historians of philosophy and theology, readers in early modern European history of science and education.