The Double Kingdom Under Taharqo

Studies in the History of Kush and Egypt, c. 690 – 664 BC


Author: Jeremy W. Pope
The establishment of Kushite rule over Egypt during the eighth and seventh centuries BC resulted in a state of extraordinary geographic dimensions and ecological diversity, stretching from the tropics of Sudanese Nubia over 3,000 km to the Mediterranean. In The Double Kingdom under Taharqo, Jeremy Pope uses the copious documentary and archaeological evidence from Taharqo’s reign to address a series of questions which have dogged study of the Twenty-Fifth Dynasty: how was it possible for one king to control all of that territory? To what extent were the Kushite pharaohs’ strategies of governance influenced by the circumstances of their homeland versus the precedents of Egyptian and Libyan rule? And how did Kushite policies differ from those of their Saïte successors?

"Bringing to bear an impressive mastery of the sources and refreshingly open to anthropological and comparative approaches, Jeremy Pope's study is welcome in providing a close and careful analysis of varied sources, both historical and archaeological." David N. Edwards (University of Leicester)
"...a seminal work pioneering a new historical approach to the Twenty-Fifth Dynasty." László Török (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

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Jeremy Pope, Ph.D. (2010), Johns Hopkins University, is Assistant Professor in the Lyon Gardiner Tyler Department of History at The College of William and Mary. He has excavated at Karnak in Egypt, as well as at Gebel Barkal in Sudan.
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Notes on Terminology, Chronology, Orthography, and Maps
I. Introduction
II. Meroë as a Problem of Twenty-Fifth Dynasty History
III. The Invention of Tradition in the Dongola-Napata Reach
IV. The Internal Frontier: Lower Nubia, the Batn el-Hagar, and the Abri-Delgo Reach
V. The City as State: Thebes and the Double Kingdom
VI. “El Fiel de la Balanza”: Aristocracy and Institution in Middle Egypt
VII. Taharqo in Lower Egypt: Saïte Rebellion, Kushite Hegemony, or Pax Napatana?
VIII. Conclusion
All interested in the ancient histories of Sahelian Africa, northeast Africa, and the Near East, particularly those of Kush (Nubia) and Egypt.