Adam of Bockenfield, Glossae super De vegetabilibus et plantis

A Critical Edition with Introduction

Author: R. James Long
Complementing the growing list of editions and translations which have appeared in the series Aristoteles Semitico-Latinus, this is the first critical edition of Adam of Bockenfield’s commentary on the pseudo-Aristotelian treatise on plants. The leading Arts master at Oxford in the middle decades of the thirteenth century, Adam crafted a comprehensive and highly organized commentary, which enjoyed wide circulation on the continent. Professor Long’s introduction also explores the relationship between Adam’s commentary and the gloss that was the established classroom text at Oxford.

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R. James Long, M.S.L., Ph.D. (University of Toronto), Professor of Philosophy at Fairfield University, has published more than sixty studies on medieval philosophy and theology, including book-length editions of works by Richard Fishacre, Bartholomaeus Anglicus, and Adam of Bockenfield.
Preface ...ix

Introduction ...1
Life of Adam of Bockenfield ...1
The Writings ... 3
The Authenticity of the De plantis Commentary ... 6
The Nature of Adam’s Commentary ... 7
Manuscripts ... 9
The Edition ... 11
Orthography ... 12
Adam’s Commentary and the Glossa ordinaria ... 13

Abbreviations in the Critical Apparatus ... 15
Appendix A. The Problem of the Translation of the Meteorologica. ... 17
Appendix B. Marginal Notes in B ...18
Appendix C. Parallel Passages in the Glossa ordinaria and Adam’s Commentary ... 23
Appendix D. Botanical Terminology in Adam’s Commentary ... 31

Select Bibliography ... 37

Liber primus ...43
Liber secundus. ...123

Any scholar interested in the transmission of Aristotelian natural philosophy or the history of universities (especially Oxford) and their curricula or the role played by Master Adam of Bockenfield.