Law, Governance, and Justice

New Views on Medieval Constitutionalism


Editor: Richard Kaeuper
How law is made, how governance works, and the response of the governed remain crucial modern questions whose roots in many parts of the world reach deep into the past of medieval England. Scholars have long discussed these issues and new perspectives regularly emerge. This volume brings together contemporary views from leaders in the field and from younger scholars, both historians and literary critics. Classic themes and incidents are creatively revisited and new avenues of approach are suggested.


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Biographical Note

Richard W. Kaeuper, Ph.D. (1967), Princeton University, is Professor of History at the University of Rochester. He has published monographs, articles and book reviews on Western Europe between the eleventh and fifteenth centuries and more specifically focus on both sides of the Channel, including War, Justice and Public Order (1988), Chivalry and Violence (1999), A Knight's Own Book of Chivalry (2005) and Holy Warriors: The Religious Ideology of Chivalry (2009).

Table of contents

Preface ... vii
List of Contributors ... ix

Debating Law, Justice and Constitutionalism ... 1
*Richard W. Kaeuper
The Anglo-Saxon Origins of English Constitutionalism ... 15
*James Campbell
Orality and Literacy in the Age of the Angevin Law Reforms ... 27
*Paul Hyams
Between England and France: A Cross-Channel Legal Culture in the Late Thirteenth Century ... 73
*Thomas J. McSweeney
The Development of Written Custom in England and in France: A Comparative Perspective ... 101
*Ada-Maria Kuskowski
Success and Failure of the Medieval Constitution in 1341 ... 121
*Scott Waugh
Parliamentary Scrutiny of Royal Ministers and Courtiers in Fourteenth-Century England: The Disgrace of Sir John atte Lee (1368) ... 161
*W. Mark Ormrod
The Altered Perspective of Thomas Walsingham’s Symbol of Normandy ... 189
*Christopher Guyol
Centre and Locality: Perceptions of the Assize Justices in Late Medieval England ... 211
*Anthony Musson
The Common Voice in Theory and Practice in Late Fourteenth Century England ... 243
*Andrew Galloway
Landscape and the Identity of the Realm ... 287
*Lynn Staley
The People, Politics and the Constitution in the Fifteenth Century ... 311
*Anthony Pollard
Law, Justice, and Governance: New Views on Medieval Constitutionalism ... 331
*G.W. Bernard

Index ... 343


All those interested in English literature, English history, medieval history and the history of law.


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