The Missionary, the Catechist and the Hunter

Foucault, Protestantism and Colonialism


The Missionary, the Catechist and the Hunter examines the role of Protestantism in the Danish colonization of Greenland and shows how the process of colonization entails a process of subjectification where the identity of indigenous population is transformed.

The figure of the hunter, commonly regarded as quintessential Inuit figure is traced back to the efforts of the Greenlandic intelligentsia to distance themselves from the hunting lifestyle by producing an abstract hunter identity in Greenlandic literature.

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Christina Petterson, Ph.D. (2011), Macquarie University, Sydney is Research Associate at the University of Newcastle, Australia. She works in various fields, such as biblical studies, early European history and colonial history.
Readers interested in colonial history, but also readers who enjoy theoretical analyses would find the ideology and power of representation interesting. Academics, undergrads and postgrads and academic libraries.