The European Union in the World

Essays in Honour of Marc Maresceau

The European Union in the World: Essays in Honour of Marc Maresceau provides a unique overview of state-of-the-art academic research in the rapidly developing area of EU external relations law from renowned academics and practitioners.

The book is dedicated to the academic career of Marc Maresceau, a world-renowned expert in EU external relations law. For many years, Prof. Maresceau has been a pioneer in EU enlargement and neighbourhood studies. In honour of his inestimable contribution to the field, editors Inge Govaere, Erwan Lannon, Peter Van Elsuwege, and Stanislas Adam have compiled contributions devoted to the following wide range of topics:

i) the legal-institutional framework of EU external action
ii) the external policies of the EU
iii) the EU’s bilateral relations with third countries
iv) the enlargement of the European Union
v) the European Neighbourhood Policy

With a special focus on the post-Lisbon legal framework of EU external action, the book builds further upon the implementation of the reforms initiated by the Lisbon Treaty to offer virtually all-encompassing analysis of EU external relations law by top-level specialists.

Academics, scholars and practitioners of EU law will find a seminal new work in The European Union in the World: Essays in Honour of Marc Maresceau.

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Inge Govaere is Jean Monnet Chair in EU Legal Studies at Ghent University and Director of the European Legal Studies Department at the College of Europe, Bruges.

Erwan Lannon is professor of European Union law at Ghent University and at the College of Europe (EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies Department, Bruges).

Peter Van Elsuwege is professor of European Union Law at Ghent University.

Stanislas Adam is legal secretary at the EU General Court (chambers of Judge Nicholas Forwood) and guest professor at the Universities of Ghent and Wroclaw.
Preface by Inge Govaere, Erwan Lannon, Peter Van Elsuwege and Stanislas Adam
Foreword by Hubert Bocken
Foreword by Paul Demaret
Foreword by Jean Raux
Foreword by Guy Schrans
List of contributors
List of abbreviations and accronyms

Part I: General Principles of EU External Action

A. Dashwood
The Continuing Bipolarity of EU External Action

A. Rosas
Exclusive, Shared and National Competence in the Context of EU External Relations: Do Such Distinctions Matter?

K. Lenaerts
Direct Applicability and Direct Effect of International Law in the EU Legal Order

S. Adam
The Legal Basis of International Agreements of the European Union in the Post-Lisbon Era

P. Eeckhout
The European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms as an Integral Part of EU Law - Some Reflections on Status and Effect

C. Kaddous
Loyauté du commerce, moyen de défense des intérêts des Etats membres et de l’Union européenne

Part II: The Institutional Framework of EU External Action

P.-C. Müller-Graff
The European External Action Service: Challenges in a Complex Institutional Framework

R. Wessel
Can the EU Replace its Member States in International Affairs? An International Law Perspective

C. Rapoport
La procédure de conclusion des accords externes de l’Union européenne : quelle unité après Lisbonne ?

J. Devuyst
The European Parliament and International Trade Agreements: Practice after the Lisbon Treaty

J.-V. Louis
The Euro Area and Multilateral Financial Institutions and Bodies

Part III: EU External Action In Practice: Contemporary Issues

J. Wouters, J. Odermatt and T. Ramopoulos
The Status of the European Union at the United Nations General Assembly

I. Govaere
Novel Issues Pertaining to EU Member States Membership of other International Organisations: the OIV case

F. Jacobs
Member States of the European Union before the International Court of Justice

F. Dehousse
La juridiction unifiée du brevet: le nouvel oxymoron du droit européen

C. Blumann
La singularité de la décision dans le domaine de la Politique étrangère et de sécurité commune

C. Flaesch-Mougin et I. Bosse-Platière
L'application provisoire des accords de l’Union européenne

P. Mengozzi
Complémentarité et coopération entre la Cour de justice de l’Union européenne et les juges nationaux en matière de séjour dans l’Union des citoyens d’Etats tiers

E. Somers
The Costa Concordia Incident and Liability for Passenger Damage: An International and European Law Approach

Part IV: The External Dimension of EU Competition Policy

A.-M. Van den Bossche
EU Competition Law in 3D

J. Bourgeois
Competition Policy: the Poor Relation in the European Union Free Trade Agreements

P.-J. Slot
Bilateral Treaties in the Field of Competition Law

T. Joris
The European Economic Area and State Aid

Part V: The EU’s Bilateral Relations with Third Countries

P. Van Elsuwege
The Legal Framework of EU-Russia Relations: Quo Vadis?

G. Burghardt
The Transatlantic Partnership: A Legal and Institutional Appraisal

P. Vlaemminck
The EU-South Korea Free Trade Agreement: Implications in the First Year of Implementation

Part VI: The Enlargement and Proximity Policies of the European Union

E. Lannon
Elargissements et politiques de proximité de l’UE : libres propos sur l’intégration différenciée

J.-C. Gautron
Libres propos sur les élargissements de l'Union européenne

P. Balázs
Enlargement Conditionality of the European Union and Future Prospects

D. Kochenov
Overestimating Conditionality

C. Hillion
Enlarging the European Union and its Fundamental Rights Protection

P. Xuereb
Universal Human Rights and EuroMed – An Agenda

J. Czuczai
Accession to the EU, but to which EU? The Legal Impact of the Constantly Evolving EMU acquis on the EU Enlargement Process

A. Tovias
The End of Spheres of Influence by Encroachment of Rivals: The Case of the EU and the US

Academics, scholars and practitioners of EU law will find a seminal new work in The European Union in the World: Essays in Honour of Marc Maresceau.