Transboundary Governance of Biodiversity


Transboundary Governance of Biodiversity compiles critical analysis of the regulatory frameworks applicable to the transboundary governance of biodiversity by specialists from Europe and Africa. Drawing on their vast experience as lawyers, political scientists and natural resource management experts, they provide a critique and contemporary perspectives on what has become one of the most challenging aspects of global environmental governance in the Anthropocene: effective biodiversity conservation in times of unprecedented environmetal crises.

With a unique North-South focus and a legal focus infused by multi-disciplinary regulatory dimensions, this peer-reviewed publication offers a comprehensive analysis of international and regional environmental law frameworks applicable to the transboundary governance of biodiversity.

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Prof. Dr. Louis J. Kotzé is Visiting Professor of Environmental Law at the University of Lincoln, United Kingdom, and Professor of Environmental Law at the Faculty of Law, North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa.

Prof. Dr. Thilo Marauhn is Professor of Public Law, International Law and European Law at the Faculty of Law, Justus Liebig University, Giessen, Germany.
Part 1: General issues
Chapter 1: Introduction (Louis J. Kotzé and Thilo Marauhn)

Chapter 2: Transboundary Environmental Governance of Biodiversity in the Anthropocene (Louis J. Kotzé)

Chapter 3: The Concept of Public Trusteeship in the Transboundary Governance of Biodiversity (Peter H. Sand)

Chapter 4: Transfrontier Protection of the Natural Environment, Globalization and State Sovereignty (Francois Venter)

Chapter 5: An Ecosystem Approach to the Transboundary Protection of Biodiversity (Thilo Marauhn and Ayşe-Martina Böhringer)

Part 2: Supranational perspectives
Chapter 6: Universal Transboundary Protection of Biodiversity and its Impact on the Low-level Transboundary Protection of Wildlife (Ulrich Beyerlin)

Chapter 7: European Regional Approaches to the Transboundary Conservation of Biodiversity: the Bern Convention and the EU Birds and Habitats Directives (Floor Fleurke and Arie Trouwborst)

Chapter 8: Protected Areas Governance in a Southern African Transfrontier Context (Alexander Paterson)

Chapter 9: A Legal Appraisal of the SADC Normative Framework related to Biodiversity Conservation in TFCAs (Niel Lubbe)

Part 3: Selected issues
Chapter 10: From North to South: Legal Pathways to Stimulate Biodiversity Conservation in Developing Countries through Transboundary Trade in Biodiversity Resources (Jonathan Verschuuren)

Chapter 11: Southern African Perspectives on the Relationship between Transfrontier Conservation Areas (TFCAs) and the Protection of Rights (Anél Du Plessis and Willemien Du Plessis)

Chapter 12: Rural People in Southern African Transfrontier Conservation Areas: A Question of Governance (Clara Bocchino)

Chapter 13: Access to Bio-energy vis-à-vis Biodiversity Conservation in SADC: Conflicting Objectives? (Michelle Barnard)

Chapter 14: Transboundary Protection of Biodiversity in the Context of Human and Environmental Security and Climate Change (Dewald van Niekerk and Leandri Hildebrandt)
Biodiversty and environmental law and governance specialists including scholars and post-graduate students, practitioners, academic libraries, research institutes, universities, inter-governmental origanisations such as UNEP and non-governmental organisations such as IUCN.