Jiddische Handschriften der Niederlande


Jiddische Handschriften der Niederlande includes descriptions of 105 Yiddish manuscripts originating mostly in the 18th and 19th century. They reflect Ashkenazic culture of the Northern Netherlands, the Yiddish dialect of this area and the influences of Dutch and German in that culture. After 1815 the use of Dutch as the common language is obvious, but there are still several documents written in Yiddish. The monograph is organized by text-genres and the ordered chronologically. Each entry gives a detailed description of the codicology in order to raise questions and answer questions concerning motivation and style, the writing process, readership, and ownership.


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Biographical Note

Evi Michels, née Butzer, Dr. phil. (1968), is a pastor of the protestant church in Baden, Germany. She has published a monograph about Yiddish purim plays (Buske: Hamburg 2003) and several articles about Yiddish Literature of the Early Modern Period.

Evi Michels, geb. Butzer, Dr. phil. (1968), Pfarrerin der evangelischen Landeskirche in Baden, promovierte 2001 über jiddische Purimspiele und arbeitete danach als Pos-Doc am Institut für Jüdische Studien der Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf. Die dissertation ist unter dem Titel "Jiddische 'purim shpiln' in ihrem literarischen und kulturgeschichtlichen Kontext" bei Buske, Hamburgh 2003 erschienen.


All those interested in book history, Yiddish manuscripts or Dutch-Jewish history and culture.

Allen die sich für jüdische Geschichte der Niederlande, Buchgeschichte, oder Jiddische Handschriften interessieren.


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