Establishment Violence in Philo and Luke

A Study of Non-Conformity to the Torah and Jewish Vigilante Reactions


Establishment Violence in Philo and Luke deals with nonconformity to the Jewish Torah and violent counter reactions as discussed in the works of Philo of Alexandria and narrated in the Lukan Acts of the Apostles. The author works with several social science models in vogue in recent research, but especially applies a model of establishment violence (or vigilantism) as worked out by H.J. Rosenbaum and P.C. Sederberg (1976). The study contains five chapters, focusing on three often neglected texts from Philo, and the texts of the Lukan Acts concerning Stephen and Paul in Jerusalem.

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Biographical Note

Torrey Seland, Dr.Art (1991), University of Trondheim, is associate professor in Biblical Studies at Volda College, Volda-Norway. He has published several articles on Philo, and the New Testament.


Students and scholars interested in Philo of Alexandria and the Lukan Acts of the Apostles as well as all students of Diaspora Judaism and of Early Christianity.

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