Urban Anthropology in China


This book is based on the papers that were presented at the First International Urban Anthropology Conference, which was opened in Beijing on December 28, 1989. It contains twenty-two papers and six introductory contributions, dealing with the following subjects: 'Comparative Urbanism: Socialist and Asian Cities'; 'Chinese Urbanization'; 'Chinese Urban Ethnicity'; 'Chinese Urban Culture and Life Cycle'. These papers are written by Chinese and non-Chinese authors.
The conference of 1989/1990 marked the beginning of urban anthropology in China. Before this, the objects of ethnological, sociological and anthropological research in China were rural, rather than urban. Besides, the attention of scholars was mostly directed towards the ethnic minorities in China. In the late 1970's however, contacts with Western anthropologists helped in redirecting part of Chinese anthropology towards the study of urban conglomerations. The congress of 1989/90 marked the acceptance of this new approach in China.

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' This book is a valuable...collection of essays and captures the mood of a China to embark on yet another revolution...' Terry McGee, China Journal. 'Urban Anthropology in China deserves to be on the shelves of all anthropology and China studies libraries.' Frank N. Pieke, The China Quarterly, 1995.
List of tables List of figures and maps List of photographs Acknowledgements A. AN URBAN ANTHROPOLOGY OF CHINA Of Disciplinary Births, Gregory Eliyu Guldin Present Tasks of Urban Anthropology in China, Ruan Xihu B. COMPARATIVE URBANISM: SOCIALIST AND ASIAN CITIES Introduction: Transcending the Urban-rural Dichotomy, Aidan Southall Urban Theory and the Chinese City, Aidan Southall East European Socialist Cities: How Different Are They?, Ivan Szelenyi Soviet Urbanization Paradoxes, Ovsey Shkaratan Transitional Urbanism Reconsidered: Post-colonial Development of Calcutta and Shangai, Tridib Banerjee Western Planning Concepts and Response to the Metropolitan Transformation Process: Hong Kong’s Specific Adaption, R. Yin-Wang Kwok Urbanization and the Urban Policies in Tokyo from 1945 to 1985, Kiyotaga Aoyagi C. CHINESE URBANIZATION Introduction: Small Towns and Urbanization, Aidan Southall The Development of China’s Small Towns, Wang Xiaoyi The Political Economy of Chinese Urbanization: Guagdong and the Pearl River Delta Region, Graham E. Johnson An Approach to the Problems of Population Movement and Cultural Adaption in the Urbanizing Pearl River Delta, Zhou Daming Ideology and Pragmatism in China’s Urban Land Reform, Vesna Vucinic D. CHINESE URBAN ETHNICITY Introduction: Urban Ethnicity, Aidan Southall The Impact of Cities on the Development and Prosperity of Minority Nationalities in Beijing, Xiong Yu Residential Patterns and their Impact on Han-Tibetan Relations in Lhasa City, the Tibet Autonomous Region, Ma Rong Hui Urban Entrepreneurial in Beijing: State Policy, Ethnoreligious Identity and the Chinese City, Dru C. Gladney Cities, Urbanization and Cultural Change: The Tumote Region of Inner Mongolia, Ma Guoqing Urban Mongols: The Search for Dignity and Gain, William Jankowiak E. CHINESE URBAN CULTURE AND LIFE CYCLE Introduction: Social, economic, and Institutional Life in City Hierarchies and Networks, Aidan Southall Danwei Culture as Urban Culture in Modern China: The Case of Beijingfrom 1949 to 1979, Li Bin Urban Development and Crime in China, Tan Shen and Li Dun Adaption of Rural Family Patterns to Urban Life in Chengdu, Martin King Whyte How Marriage Customs Differ within and without Chongwu town, Huian County, Chen Guoqiang The Family and Economic Life of the Aged in Chinse Cities, Liu Bingfu No Place to Live, no Place to Love: Coping in Shanghai, Deborah Pellow Glossary