Migration and Membership Regimes in Global and Historical Perspective

An Introduction


Volume Editors: Ulbe Bosma, Gijs Kessler, and Leo Lucassen
In Migration and Membership Regimes editors Ulbe Bosma, Gijs Kessler and Leo Lucassen bring together ten essays in an analytical framework which looks beyond the Transatlantic migration of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in a deliberate attempt to incorporate the experience of earlier periods and other continents into historical migration studies.

The focus of analysis is on the mechanisms of interaction between polities, from city-states and emerging statehoods to empires, and migrants joining or taking over these polities, by force, choice or co-optation. It reconceptualises the migrant-state relationship as an engagement over the terms of membership and explores the variety of different outcomes this has had across time and space.

Contributors include: Nicholas Breyfogle, Derek Heng, Ralph W. Mathisen, Christel Müller, Mu-chou Poo, Susan Elizabeth Ramírez, Ibrahima Thiaw, Maartje van Gelder, Mark D. Varien.

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Ulbe Bosma, Ph.D (1995) is Senior Researcher at the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam and professor in international and comparative social history at VU University. He published five monographs, edited volumes and many articles on colonial history, plantations and migration. Forthcoming is his monograph, The Asian sugar Plantation in India and Indonesia: industrial production 1770-2020, to appear at Cambridge University Press in 2013.

Gijs Kessler, Ph.D (2001), European University Institute, is Senior Researcher at the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam. He is co-editor of A Dream Deferred: New Studies in Russian and Soviet Labour History (Bern: Peter Lang, 2008) and has published in a number of journals, including Cahiers du Monde Russe, Continuity and Change, and The History of the Family.

Leo Lucassen Ph.D (1990) is Professor of Social History at the Leiden University. He is co-editor of Migration History in World History. Multidisciplinary approaches (Leiden, Brill 2010) and published in 2005 The Immigrant Threat (Urbana, UIP). He has published a.o. in the International Review of Social History, the Journal of Global History, Social History, and History of the Family.
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Migration and Membership Regimes in Global and Historical Perspective: An Introduction, Ulbe Bosma, Gijs Kessler, Leo Lucassen


Mobility and Belonging in Antiquity: Greeks and Barbarians on the Move in the Northern Black Sea Region, Christel Müller

Migration, Belonging and Identity in the Mesa Verde Region of the Southwestern United States, Mark D. Varien

From the Senegal River to Siin: The Archaeology of Sereer Migrations in North-Western Senegambia, Ibrahima Thiaw


Socio-political Structure, Membership and Mobility in the Pre-Modern Malay World: The Case of Singapore in the 14th Century, Derek Heng

Favouring Foreign Traders? The Venetian Republic and the Accommodation of Netherlandish Merchants in the late 16th and 17th Centuries, Maartje van Gelder


To Become Chinese: Cultural Consciousness and Political Legitimacy in Early Medieval China (220-681), Mu-Chou Poo

“Becoming Roman, Becoming Barbarian”: Roman Citizenship and the Assimilation of Barbarians into the Late Roman World, Ralph W. Mathisen


Kings, Kinsmen and Others: The Theory and Practice of Andean Allegiances, Susan Elizabeth Ramírez

The Possibilities of Empire: Russian Sectarian Migration to South Caucasia and the Refashioning of Social Boundaries, Nicholas Breyfogle


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Scholars from the humanities and the social sciences interested in issues of migration and settlement, state formation and empire-building, the mechanisms of social inclusion and exclusion, as well as global and comparative history in general.