The British Commonwealth and the Allied Occupation of Japan, 1945 - 1952

Personal Encounters and Government Assessments

Editor: Ian Nish
The Allied Occupation of Japan lasted from 2 September 1945 to 28 April 1952 and ushered in an era of unprecedented change for that country. Although British Commonwealth participation played only small part in that story – involving only some 30,000 troops from the various Commonwealth countries compared with the vast numbers of the United States Eighth Army – it nevertheless prompts a discussion, hitherto largely undocumented, concerning its role and relevance. In The British Commonwealth and the Allied Occupation of Japan, Ian Nish who himself was a member of BCOF presents papers by twenty-three authors, partly biographical, partly academic, on subjects grouped in five themes: Origins of the Allied Occupation, Attitudes on the Occupation, Personal Views, the Commonwealth and Peace Negotiations, and the Commonwealth and the Japanese Treaties.
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Biographical Note

Ian Nish is Professor Emeritus of International History, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), and honorary senior research associate of the Suntory Toyota International Centre for Economics and Related Disciplines (STICERD). He has published extensively – from his widely acclaimed early works on the Anglo-Japanese Alliance to more recent publications including Japanese Envoys in Britain, 1862-1964: A Century of Diplomatic Exchange (Global Oriental, 2007) and The Japanese in War and Peace, 1942-48: Selected Documents from a Translator’s In-tray (Global Oriental, 2011).


Those interested in Japanese history, East Asian history, military/naval history, international security and British Commonwealth relations.


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