The Interpretation and Application of the European Convention of Human Rights

Legal and Practical Implications


In The Interpretation and Application of the European Convention of Human Rights: Legal and Practical Implications, the aim is to offer a two-pronged approach on the effect that the ECHR has in the field of human rights as well as in other areas of international law.

The first part explores general and theoretical aspects of the application of the ECHR, such as provisional apllication, norm-conflict resolution, the interplay between human rights and occupation law. The second Part, building on the research and conclusions of the first Part, examines the amphidromous relationship of the ECHR with other areas of law. Since no branch of international law exists in "clinical isolation", this Part analyses the effects that the ECHR has on and is recipient of, from a variety of diverse areas of law such as law of the sea, investment law and rights of indigenous peoples.
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Biographical Note

Malgosia Fitzmaurice, is Professor of International Law at Queen Mary, University of London. She has published extensively in the field of international law, environmental law, law of treaties and law of the sea.

Panos Merkouris, is Teaching Associate at Queen Mary, University of London and has published books and articles in the field of public international law, law of treaties, human rights and environmental law.


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