Climate Change and Environmental Hazards Related to Shipping: An International Legal Framework

Proceedings of the Hamburg International Environmental Law Conference 2011

In Climate Change and Environmental Hazards Related to Shipping Hans-Joachim Koch, Doris König, Joachim Sanden and Roda Verheyen provide an edited overview on the recent discussions regarding legal questions of tackling climate change, and the legal instruments related to environmental problems caused by international shipping. An esteemed international group of authors make important contributions to the legal challenges in international, European and domestic law. Focal points are multilateral environmental agreements and the law of the sea as well as the potential contributions by municipalities.

This important new collection, based on the research findings of the Hamburg International Environmental Law Conference 2011, are of particular relevance for lawyers and scholars interested in the recent legal discussions on climate change law and environmental Law of the Sea.

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Professor Dr. Hans-Joachim Koch is Professor at Hamburg University (em. 2010) and is a founder of the Research Centre for Environmental Law. From 2002-2008 he was chairman of the German Advisory Council on the Environment (SRU), and, since 2005 has been Chairman of the Association for Envrionmental Law (Gesellschaft für Umweltrecht).

Dr. Doris König, M.C.L. is President of Bucerius Law School, Hamburg, and holds the Claussen-Simon-Foundation Chair of International Law.

Professor Dr. Joachim Sanden is Head of Directorate in the Ministry of Urban Development and Environment of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and Extraordinary Professor at Leuphana University Lueneburg. His main research interests are in the fields of International, European and German Environmental Law.

Dr. Roda Verheyen is an attorney in private pracice with a focus on environmental and planning law. Her academic interest is in climate change law and the connext between development, finance and environment. She has an extensive background in international law and the making of international agreements.
Foreword by the Editors

List of Participants

A. Welcoming Addresses

Welcome Speech
Dieter Lenzen

Opening Speech
Hans-Joachim Koch

B. Climate Change

I. Presentations
The Budget Approach- A Framework for a global Transformation towards a Low Carbon Economy
Dirk Messner et al.

A Tale of Two Architectures: The Once and Future U.N. Climate Change Regime
Daniel Bodansky

Energy Switch in Germany: 100% Renewable Electricity by 2050
Heidi Foth and Sönke Bohm

II. Working Groups

1. International Climate Policy before COP 17
Legal Options for Regime Evolution in the Climate Change Regime: Some Comments
Marc Pallemaerts

International Climate Change Policy: An Indian Perspective
Lavanya Rajamani

International Climate Law and Policy: An Australian Perspective
Jacqueline Peel

Discussion Summary
Sebastian Oberthür

2. EU and National Initiatives Climate Protection: A South American Perspective
Jorge Caillaux

Climate Protection and Sustainability in Japan – Tasks following March 11th 2011
Masanori Okada

Discussion Summary
Astrid Epiney

C. Environmental Hazards Caused by Shipping

I. Presentations
Integrating Shipping into the EU Emissions Trading Scheme?
Tim Bäuerle

A Cooperative Compliance Strategy: The Voluntary IMO Member State Audit Scheme
Lawrence D. Barchue Sr.

The ‘Erika III’ Package: Progress or Breach of International Law?
Alexander Proelss

II. Working Groups

1. Emissions Reduction and Emissions Trading Systems in Shipping
Emissions Reduction and Emissions Trading Systems in Shipping: A BIMCO Perspective
Torben Skaanild

2. The Prevention of Shipping Accidents
Some Comments on the Role of Industry in the Prevention of Environmental Hazards Caused by Shipping
Aldo Chircop

Discussion Summary
Henrik Ringbom

D. Protection of the Marine Environment and Climate Change
The Impact of Global Warming on the Oceans
Mojib Latif

Use and Protection of the Seas in Times of Climate Change
Jochen Flasbarth

Discussion Summary
Lilly Weidemann

E. Offshore Wind Energy
Wind Energy and Marine Environment Protection
Ursula Prall

Wind Energy and Maritime Spatial Planning
Monika Breuch-Moritz and Nico Nolte

Discussion Summary
Ronán Long

F. Cities’ Contributions to Environmental Protection
Introductory Remarks on Opportunities of the Cities in the Field of Local Climate Change Governance
Joachim Sanden

Conclusions of FORUM II: Cities’ Contributions to Environmental Protection
Martin Huber and Joachim Sanden

G. Results
Results: Climate Change
Hans-Joachim Koch

Results: Environmental Hazards Caused by Shipping
Doris König
Lawyers and academics interested in Climate Change, Shipping, Environmental Hazards and in International Environmental Law as such.