The Text of the Targum of Job

An Introduction and Critical Edition


Editor: Stec
The centrepiece of this book is a critical edition of the Targum of Job which notes all variants from a total of 14 manuscripts and 2 printed editions.
In the introductory section the first two chapters give a description of the principal printed editions and the manuscripts. A chapter on "The Stemma" considers how the various strands of textual tradition relate to each other. There is also a chapter on "Multiple Translation", a phenomenon particularly associated with the Targum of Job whereby more than one translation is often given to whole verses or to individual words and phrases. A final chapter describes in detail the methods underlying the critical edition.
This book will provide a useful tool for those working on the textual criticism of the Old Testament and for those interested in the history of Jewish biblical exegesis.

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David M. Stec, Ph.D. (1989) in Middle Eastern Studies, University of Manchester, is a research associate with the Classical Hebrew Dictionary Project in the Department of Biblical Studies at the University of Sheffield.
' There is indeed a mass of information to hand for the textual critic in this volume, and students of Targum owe [the author] a debt of gratitude for accomplishing this mammoth task so thoroughly.'
C.T.R. Hayward, Society for Old Testament Study, 1995.
All those interested in the textual criticism of the Old Testament, the history of Jewish biblical exegesis, and the development of Jewish Aramaic.