Der Briefwechsel zwischen Augustinus und Hieronymus und ihr Streit um den Kanon des Alten Testaments und die Auslegung von Gal. 2, 11-14


Author: Ralph Hennings
This volume deals with the correspondence between Augustine and Jerome, discussing the way the letters were handed down to posterity, as well as their contents. In the first part it is shown that Jerome and Augustine both published a collection of the correspondence. In addition a list of manuscripts is given.
The second part deals with the conflict between Augustine and Jerome. Not only their discussion whether the Hebrew Bible or the Septuagint should be considered canonically authoritative for the Church, but also their argument on the right exegesis of the quarrel between Peter and Paul in Antioch, whether Christians should observe the Jewish Ceremonial Laws (Gal. 2,11-14).
The book is of particular interest for scholars in Patristic and Jewish Studies, giving a fresh approach to this important correspondence.

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Ralph Hennings, born in Bremen 1963, studied in Bethel, Zürich and Heidelberg, Dr.theol. Universität Heidelberg 1992, now working as a Vikar in Oldenburg (Oldbg.).
' Man liest das Buch trotz gelegentlicher Wiederholungen mit Spannung, gerade im Detail ist hier viel nützliche Arbeit geleistet worden.
Gert Haendler, Theologische Literaturzeitung, 1995.
' L'ouvrage se recommande d'abord par une parfaite clarté mèthodique...Dans cette ouvrage de grande qualité...'
G. M. , Revue des Etudes Augustiennes, 1994.
' Hennings provides a useful compendium of the transmission and contents of this important correspondence, his most important contribution probably being the survey of the patristic views of the two debated issues, which lay behind the thinking of the two Fathers.'
J. Neville Birdsall, Journal of Ecclesiastical History, 1995.
' ...the author makes a valuable contribution by the detail and thoroughness of his work, especially in setting the debate between Augustine and Jerome in its larger context.'
H. Alan Brehm, Southwestern Journal of Theology.
' Ralph Hennings has produced a study which will be of the greatest service to students of the Fathers and of the canon of Scripture and biblical exegesis. Hennings is to be congratulated on a major scholarly achievement.'
Gerald Bonner, Journal of Theological Studies, 1995.
' This is a precise and detailed discussion of the exchange of correspondence between Augustine and Jerome, offering a rigorous analysis of its history, form and content.'
C.T.R. Hayward, Society for Old Testament Study, 1995.
Scholars interested in the history of the Early Church, especially Augustine and Jerome, the history of the Biblical Canon, Jewish-Christian Relationships, as well as classical philologists and theologians.