The Syntactic Structure of Hungarian


Hungarian syntax has played a vital, albeit much debated role in linguistic theory since the early 1980s. Volume 27 of "Syntax and Semantics" is the result of a project on Hungarian syntax launched in the early 1980s at the Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The volume illuminates relevant and insightful aspects of Hungarian syntax. It assumes the basic theoretical claims and the basic methodology of generative linguistic theory, and shows that descriptive grammar is best approached by posing theoretically interesting questions. It features comprehensive coverage of Hungarian syntax and presents a complete analysis of salient questions and theories. It offers new insights into Hungarian syntax and discusses the important role Hungarian syntax has played in linguistic theory throughout the past decade.

Table of contents

K.E. Kiss, “Sentence Structure and Word Order” A. Komlosy, “Complements and Adjuncts” A. Szabolcsi, “The Noun Phrase” I. Kenesei, “Subordinate Clauses” Z. Banreti, “Coordination” F. Kiefer, “Aspect and Syntactic Structure” Subject Index