Current Approaches to Syntax

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E.A. Moravcsik, “Introduction: On Syntactic Approaches”
R. Cooper, “Montague's Syntax”
S.C. Dik, “Seventeen Sentences: Basic Principles and Application of Functional Grammar”
L.K. Jones, “A Synopsis of Tagmemics”
M.B. Kac, “Corepresentational Grammar”
S. Kuno, “Functional Syntax”
D. Lightfoot, “Trace Theory and Explanation”
J.D. McCawley, “An Un-Syntax”
D.M. Perlmutter, “Relational Grammar”
G.A. Sanders, “Equational Rules and Rule Functions in Syntax”
P. Schacter, “Daughter-Dependency Grammar”
W.J. Sullivan, “Syntax and Linguistic Semantics in Stratificational Theory”
R.D. Van Valin, Jr. and W.A. Foley, “Role and Reference Grammar”
R.P. Stockwell, “Summation and Assessment of Theories”
J. R. Wirth, “Epilogue: An Assessment”

Appendix: Basic Issues and Sample Sentences

Index of Languages
Index of Names
Index of Terms