Words become Worlds

Semantic Studies of Genesis 1-11


Author: Ellen van Wolde
By carefully analyzing the text-semantic features of the texts of Genesis 1-11, this book offers a quite new perspective on the primaeval history. The first part of the book examines Genesis 1-11, which is usually read as a creation story concerning the human being in relation to God, in which the human being falls from bad to worse. In these text-semantic studies it is shown that such is not the case, especially in the rather exciting analysis of the story of the Tower of Babel. In the second part of the book the methodological framework of these text-semantic studies is presented.

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Ellen van Wolde, Th.D. (1989) in Biblical Studies, University of Nijmegen, is Professor of Old Testament Exegesis and Hebrew at the Tilburg University. She has published on Genesis, Job and Ruth, and on subjects of methodology and semiotics.
' ...much stimulating and convincing exegesis...' J.A. Emerton, Society for Old Testament Study, 1995 ' Van Wolde has produced a provocative and interesting study.' Richard S. Hess, Themelios, 1996.
All those interested in the Hebrew Bible, especially in Genesis, literary criticism, new approaches to narrative and linguistic analysis, semiotics and methodology.