L'ophtalmologie dans l'Egypte gréco-romaine d'après les papyrus littéraires grecs


The recurring problems of eye-disease in Egypt account for the importance that ophthalmology has always had in this country. Eye-diseases and their treatment in Greco-Roman Egypt are documented by a remarkable but insufficiently known body of material: Greek literary papyri, which are often the only witnesses to lost medical works and which provide evidence of original theories, practices and terminology.
The first part of this book provides an introduction to ancient ophthalmology, to the medical literature of Greco-Roman Egypt and to Greek medical papyri. The second part presents a critical edition (with a French translation and commentary) of the papyri with theoretical expositions, and a chapter on ophthalmic recipes.
Eu égard aux affections oculaires qui y sévissent depuis toujours, l'ophtalmologie ne cessa d'occuper une place préponderante en Egypte. Pour la période gréco-romaine, on dispose d'une documentation remarquable mais méconnue: des papyrus littéraires grecs, souvent seuls témoins d'oeuvres médicales perdues, qui attestent théories, pratiques et vocabulaire originaux.
Après une introduction sur l'ophtalmologie antique, la littérature médicale de l'Egypte gréco-romaine et les papyrus grecs de médecine, le livre présente l'édition critique, avec traduction et commentaires, des papyrus contenant des exposés théoriques, ainsi qu'un chapitre sur les prescriptions ophtalmologiques.
Il s'adresse aux philologues classiques, aux papyrologues, aux orientalistes, aux égyptologues, aux historiens de la médecine et aux ophtalmologues intéressés par l'histoire de leur discipline.

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Biographical Note
Marie-Hélène Marganne holds a doctorate from the University of Liège and now works on the Catalogue of Greek and Latin literary Papyri (Pack³) at the Centre de Documentation de Papyrologie Littéraire (CEDOPAL) of the University of Liège. She is the author of the Inventaire analytique des papyrus grecs de médecine (Genève, 1981), as well as of several articles on the history of ancient medicine, in particular in Greco-Roman Egypt.
Review Quotes
' The specialist will gain considerable benefit from this scholarly work, and those who want to know something about ancient ophtalmology would do far worse than begin here.'
Medical History, 1995.
' ...fascinating and well documented book...The reconstruction of these papyrii is a very valuable contribution to ophthalmic history which is enhanced by the clarity of the exposition and the detail of the presentation.'
V.J. Marmion, Archives Internationales d'Histoire des Sciences, 1998.
Classical philologists, papyrologists, Egyptologists, historians of medicine, and ophthalmologists interested in the history of their own discipline.
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